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Maybe Alberta should rethink

So Premier Stelmach's blood pressure is up over the "Rethink Alberta" ad campaign. My question is, What did he expect? My personal involvement with the government of Alberta goes back to the National Process on Climate Change in 1998-99.... Read more »

Ottawa to Halifax - WINNAR!

That's right my fans (Mom and Auntie Kim), I have arrived safe and awesome in Halifax, thus ending my bike trip....OR DOES IT?!?! No, it does not. I actually plan to now finish up that last pesky little chunk of Canada that I did not get to do at the start due to my knee injury / late departure. So once I get into Vancouver I will ride home to Vernon! For anyone in Vernon who reads my blog, come on down to Kal beach to greet me and have fun in the sun on Tuesday, July 20th sometime between 3:00 and 6:00 PM. Without further prattling however, I present the last stages of my ride: Ottawa to Halifax.

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Political logic

I recently listened to David Suzuki interviewing Jim Prentice on CBC. What struck me most wasn’t the government’s approach to climate change – which is widely and rightly condemned – but the government’s approach to logic.

Once upon a time, I was a philosophy student.  That line of study provided a fascinating opportunity to look at logical continuity. It’s not rocket science: you start from a set of premises, and work your way to a conclusion in a consistent manner. In theory, problems of politics find their root in incompatible premises – opposing worldviews that can lead two sides to dramatically different positions. Luckily, one would think, the climate change debate is largely scientific and so depends on empirical observation. As long as everyone accepts the premise that science provides objective insights into the ways of the world, we should reach similar conclusions.
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Strong-arming the citizens of Ottawa

So now you need to put up $50,000 before you can take the City of Ottawa to court.

The citizens' group that formed to save the Blanding's turtle and the South March Highlands could be forced to pay the money up front before their application for a judicial review and injunction can be heard. Pretty shocking considering the City has a policy of not seeking costs from citizens' groups.

What's Mayor O'Brien trying to hide that he would stoop to such strong arm tactics to prevent legal scrutiny of the Terry Fox Drive extension?

Plenty. The South March Highlands are one of the most unique and valuable ecological areas of the city. For O'Brien, the goal is to move ahead before too many people find out. It's all being sacrificed on the altar of the automobile in celebration of the stupidity of humankind.
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A letter to the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

I just learned the Canada Pension Plan has invested $250 million in a tar sands plant so I have written David Denison, President and CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, to share my thoughts. You should too.

Dear Sir,

I read with dismay that my contribution to the Canada Pension Plan will be used to fuel catastrophic climate change. I presume this is a strategy to reduce future benefit payments by shortening the life span of Canadians. The stress alone from droughts, floods and extreme storms will have a devastating effect.

I can understand the potential benefits for my surviving children and grandchildren, but I would rather everyone live to a ripe old age.

I also wonder how you could be so oblivious to the urgency of the climate crisis that you do not realize burning fossil fuels - however profitable - causes climate change.
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Austria and the Tar Sands

I read an article today called The Dirty Trail of the Black Gold in an Austrian newspaper. It was about the Albertan tar sands and other extreme sources of oil. It made me think about the first time I talked about the tar sands with an Austrian. He had never heard of them before. 

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - I have come full circle. Today, after sleeping very little on a 10 hour night train I arrived in the very first city I travelled to to spread the word about the Tar Sands Demonstrations Europe Project - Vienna.... Read more »

Reflections on the G20


What a mess.

When I heard the G20 meeting was coming to Toronto, I knew it would be an expensive inconvenience to Canada’s largest city. But I nevertheless gave our leadership class some credit by thinking they would manage the inconvenience with a degree of competence.

It’s not the first time I’ve been wrong about our public elites. ... Read more »

Thunder Bay To Ottawa, Successful and Content!

Tuesday, June 22, Day Thirty-one: I left Thunder Bay early, I was breakfasted and on the road by about 8:30. I wanted to take full advantage of the two days of rest I had gotten. As always after a rest day, however, it was slow going at the start. I remember being convinced that my brakes were rubbing, and that my load must be about 10 pounds heavier than when I had gotten into town.... By three o'clock I had made it to Nipigon, where I had a big lunch and then got back on the road. I met a really nice cyclist whose name I unfortunately cannot remember and whose picture I lost, due to circumstances that will be explained shortly. Anyway, just past Nipigon is the point where the Highway splits into the #17 and the #11. I had already decided it would be the #11 that I would take, so I headed north and looked to put as much distance as possible behind me before nightfall.... Read more »

Is it anti-Canadian to be anti-Tar Sands?

As Canada Day slowly comes to an end in Germany, I can't help but wonder what it is going to be like for me the next time I am in Canada? 

By now, most of my friends and family in Canada have found out about what I am doing in Europe. None of them have said anything negative about the Tar Sands Demonstrations Europe Project, but I have had some experiences in the past which lead me to believe some may misinterpret my efforts as anti-Canadian.

The opinion piece I wrote last December about the damage the tar sands were doing to Canada's international reputation (see my 2nd post) enraged one reader so much that he told me to hand in my maple leaf. To test out the waters I sometimes tell Canadians in Berlin I am organizing demonstrations in five European cities to raise awareness about the tar sands. There is always an awkward silence afterwards.... Read more »

Offshore oil information in Canada


Offshore Oil information in Canada


This is my first blog on ``Offshore Oil Information in Canada`` in regards to my research of information on offshore oil extraction that had been given to me as a project by John Bennet. I was able to manage two documents, related to Natural Resources Canada,  last week but had yet to make it available due to technical difficulties on my part.

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