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Bad news: Arctic icecap cracking up



By Paul Beckwith

The Arctic region of our planet acts as a climatic air conditioner, and the air conditioner is conking out. We have a problem Houston.... Read more »

Feds need to hit reset button

By John Bennett

A few weeks ago, the US Ambassador to Canada hinted that Canada would need to clean up its environmental act if it wanted to see the Keystone XL Pipeline approved. The ambassador was then followed by newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry, who left a similar impression at a news conference. Of course, all this came on the heels of very strong statements on climate change by President Obama in his recent State of the Union address.

Greenwash Action Plan... Read more »

Highly Enriched Uranium and the Production of Medical Isotopes


Gordon Edwards is President of the 
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility



Weapons-Grade Uranium and the Hiroshima Bomb

 ... Read more »

Non-Proliferation Hypocrisy: Shipments of Liquid Nuclear Waste


Gordon Edwards is President of the 
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility


With regard to the planned Chalk River shipments of 23,000 litres of high level radioactive liquid waste containing 175 kilograms of highly enriched uranium:

There are two issues which are perhaps being confused.

The first is the question of proliferation through the possible diversion and/or storing of weapons-grade materials like HEU.... Read more »

Keystone XL: Line in the sand?

By John Bennett... Read more »

How Far We Have Come

UXBRIDGE (ONT), CANADA - "Before We Can Know Where We Are Going We Must First Understand Where We Have Come From" is one of those sayings you hear alot. Personally, I have no idea who said it but the concept seems to pop up in a lot of cultures around the world. The 40 000 people who rallied in Washington DC last Sunday (Feb. 17th) to encourage President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline have got me thinking about where the tar sands movement has "come from."... Read more »

Ontario's Chance. Ontario's Choice

There is a new tar sands pipeline in town and it goes right through Ontario and Quebec.

UXBRIDGE (ONT), CANADA - Last Saturday (Jan. 26th) I did something I have never done before. I participated in my very first tar sands action in Canada. I have been involved in tar sands events in Europe and Australia, but never in my home country of Canada. Toronto City Hall was the location for the event and oddly enough it was part of an international day of action, but it was not International Stop the Tar Sands Day. Over twenty communities in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, and Quebec and the New England states in the US came together on the weekend to say no to the Line 9 pipeline. This is going to be the next big step in shutting down the Canadian tar sands industry. 

 ... Read more »

CD or not CD, that is the question...

By John Bennett

It’s been hot in the driver seat since I talked to the Vancouver Sun about Sierra Club USA’s decision to lift its 120-year old ban on civil disobedience for the upcoming (Feb. 17th) rally against the Keystone Pipeline in Washington, DC. “Will Sierra Club Canada take similar action?”, I was asked by a reporter almost immediately after the news broke.

Although this has been a major topic of discussion for some time (on both sides of the border), the Great White North was caught off guard by the controversial announcement in San Francisco. Since its inception in 1892, Sierra Club has campaigned for the preservation of our natural environment using lawful means only. It’s a big deal!... Read more »

Please permit me…

By John Bennett

This week we launched a campaign to convince the Ontario government to NOT end permitting for projects that impact provincially recognized endangered species (Note: if you haven't sent a letter yet please do so today). Not that we support giving anyone a permit to harass, harm or kill endangered species, it’s a defensive measure - the province is proposing replacing permits with voluntary rules developers would be expected to follow. They say it’s a government cost cutting measure.... Read more »

Astroturf ‘Ethical Oil’ files CRA complaint against Sierra Club Canada Foundation

By John Bennett

This time last year I told you about a storm gathering here in Ottawa that threatened to blow Sierra Club and other environmental groups out of existence. At the time I asked you to consider making a donation as it may be the last time you could do so and receive a tax receipt. I would have forgiven you for thinking I was overstating the seriousness of the situation at the time. Unfortunately, much of what I predicted came to pass in 2012.... Read more »

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