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2012-04-28  |  Janet Eaton
Press Release, April 27th 2012

The National  Farmers Union wonders whether the Federal Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries promoting the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement across Canada today have actually read the text of the agreement?  Or did they simply memorize pre-digested talking points? The devil is in the details. Canadians want to know the actual content and implications of this agreement, which is being negotiated behind closed doors. Instead we are being sold a load of weak-minded hype.

The NFU has obtained leaked copies of the draft CETA text at several stages of the negotiations and has analyzed each one from the point of view of agriculture, food and farmers. It has become clear that CETA is not so much about removing trade barriers...

2012-04-28  |  Janet Eaton

Premier's promise to consult British Columbians wiped away as Harper's team 'sells' CETA agreement.

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday,, April 27, 2012

The British Columbia government is barred from talking publicly about a proposed free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Minister Pat Bell told The Tyee this week.

Asked about a recent meeting he attended on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, Bell said, "Can't make any comment on CETA. We are bound by a confidentiality agreement with the federal government."

He added, "Any provinces participating in those discussions are obligated not to reveal the ongoing communications. Love to do it, but you'd be talking to a new minister if I did."

2012-04-20  |  Webmaster
2012-04-20  |  Derek Leahy

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to sit in on a coal seam gas (similar to shale gas)/quit coal campaign meeting here in Melbourne. I was really impressed with the level of organisation, and passion this group had and the amount of activities they had planned from the 'Quit Coal-a-palooza' concert to talking to people at farmers' markets. It also made me realize that no matter how much I would love to get these people involved in International Stop the Tar Sands Day in Melbourne most of them would probably be way too busy with their own campaign to participate. As disappointing as that may seem, I was actually alright with it. I just reminded myself of the bigger picture.


I think not losing sight of the bigger picture is important if you are involved in any group, campaign or movement. Never before have I had to remind myself of the bigger picture as much as I have this year. I have already written...

2012-04-16  |  Janet Eaton

By Janet M Eaton, PhD, April 14, 2012   It was no surprize that the Federal Budget, or more correctly the “Economic Action Plan 2012”, as it was entitled, would continue the Harper government’s support for tar sands oil and a natural resource based export economy while ramping up its on-going assault  on environmental protection .  Prior attacks had already included a weakening of environmental legislation, more powers to the Ministers in charge, cuts to government departments concerned with administering and monitoring the environment and fisheries, muzzling of scientists speaking out on climate change and the environment, and more recently attacks on environmental NGOs and environmentalists.  In addition leaks and  pre-budget conjectures,   had telegraphed the kinds of changes likely to be seen in the budget.  In the end the budget specifically stated some of the anticipated changes while in other...

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