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2012-04-04  |  John Bennett

Sometimes you just don’t want to be right.

In the Sierra Club Canada national office we are busy preparing our 2011 annual report. As I go through my files from last year (wow – we certainly were busy) I came across an email that rattled me. It was the last email I sent to supporters in December. In it I outlined the disturbing developments we saw in 2011 and what I thought it all meant.

Much like watching troop movements across the frontier, I could see an impending invasion. The email, in fact, documented the beginnings of an all-out assault on environmental protection in Canada - and the protectors. We could see signs of it coming a couple of months earlier (I mused about it in my blog).


2012-04-04  |  Janet Eaton

The University of British Columbia’s National Centre for Business Law
will be hosting a downtown speaker series with Anthony VanDuzer,
Professor of Law from the University of Ottawa, on Monday April 16,
2012 (12:30 – 1:30 – UBC Robson Square, Vancouver).

Professor VanDuzer will be discussing: The Canada-EU Negotiations for
a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: Redefining the Role of
the Provinces in the Negotiation and Implementation of International
Trade Commitments.

2012-03-27  |  Derek Leahy

FRANKLIN, TASMANIA – I sat down in a café in Franklin, Tasmania the other day trying to sort out all that has transpired these past few weeks. You see, May 5thcould very well become a massive day of action. A lot of people from all over the world want to make their voices heard the week of May 5th. International Stop the Tar Sands Day’s circle of friends just got bigger.


Anyway, I sat down in an practically empty café (Franklin is a pretty small town), opened up my journal to a blank page and took out a pencil. With the pencil I drew four separate thought bubbles on the page for four different campaigns or movements or whatever you want to call them. The first was for’s Climate Impacts Day, which will take place the exact same day as ISTSDay; May 5th. The second thought bubble was for the Occupy ...

2012-03-25  |  Janet Eaton

Tories plan to stop protecting waterways with fish deemed to lack 'economic, cultural or ecological value.'

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday,


John Diefanbaker fishing

What would Dief say? Former Tory PM John Diefenbaker, avid fisherman.

More than 625 Canadian scientists are demanding that the Canadian government abandon plans to gut the Fisheries Act, the nation's most significant and oldest piece of environmental legislation.

Scientists contacted by The Tyee called the changes shocking and unprecedented.


2012-03-24  |  Janet Eaton

March 12, 2012, By Otto E Langer

To date the Harper government has shown little regard for the protection of the environment and over the past few years has supervised the almost total elimination of enforcement of the habitat  protection and the pollution provisions of the Canada Fisheries Act (Sections 35 and 36 respectively). During the Cohen Inquiry in 2011 data was presented to show that pollution and habitat violation investigations have been greatly reduced and convictions of violations in BC and indeed throughout Canada is now  almost non- existent.

The Fisheries Act of Canada was put in place in 1868 and is one of the oldest and most tested pieces of environmental legislation in the world. In 1975 many people worked hard to get a proper section added to the Act to protect fish habitat in Canada. Section 35 (habitat protection) was passed by Parliament in 1976 and has been extensively used across
Canada over the past 36 years....

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