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2012-06-28  |  John Bennett

Finally an honest oil CEO speaks the truth on climate change. According to ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, climate change is happening, but who cares - we can adapt. So fears about climate change, drilling, and energy dependence are overblown.

He said the oil industry’s biggest challenge is "taking an illiterate public and try to help them understand why we can manage these risks." That would be me and you.

I don’t know about you, but I feel reassured. Here, I’ve been thinking all this time the oil industry didn’t believe in science or just didn’t understand.  Now the head of the biggest oil company in the world is admitting we will see floods, droughts, rising sea level and freaky powerful storms on a scale never seen before, but hey,...

2012-06-20  |  Janet Eaton

Bill Curry, Los Cabos, Mexico — The Globe and Mail, Published Tuesday, Jun. 19 2012

Stephen Harper is bringing Canada into ambitious new Pacific free-trade talks, fulfilling a key pledge to reduce reliance in the United States but increasing pressure on protected industries to accept more foreign competition.

While the Prime Minister insisted nothing has been sacrificed to join the group, it’s clear that the controversial issue of supply management – Canada’s protection of its dairy, poultry and egg industries from foreign competition – is on the table.

“It’s going to be a real test of the appetite of Canada for trade liberalization,” said Andrew Cooper of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, who is observing the Los Cabos summit. “Of course, we’re going to have the problems of marketing boards and Canadian responses to the pressure that’s going to come. If it doesn...

2012-06-20  |  Janet Eaton

Claudia Cattaneo  Jun 15, 2012 

Keith Morison for Financial Post
"We are not banning the import of certain types of oils in the EU," European Union trade delegate Maurizio Cellini says.
When the European Union seemed poised to push forward last year new rules affecting fuels used for road transport, Canada pushed back, fearing the rules would unfairly discriminate against the oil sands and set a dangerous policy precedent. The clash threatened to derail negotiations for an ambitious trade deal between the EU and Canada. Maurizio Cellini, head of economic and commercial affairs at the EU delegation in Ottawa, spoke with Claudia Cattaneo, the Financial Post’s Western Business Columnist. He said it was never the EU’s intention to discriminate against Canada’s oil sands and that negotiations for a trade agreement are on track and could be completed by the end of the year.

Q How does the fuel quality directive fit...

2012-06-20  |  Janet Eaton

by Gail Tverberg

RIO+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is to be held this week on June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro.

The term Sustainable Development seems to me to be almost a contradiction in terms. One dictionary gives the definition of "development" as "the act or process of developing; growth; progress". In a finite world, how can growth be sustainable? Isn't it possible that human population already passed the world's carrying capacity, and world leaders should be talking about shrinking instead of growing?

The open access journal PLoS Biology is starting to raise questions in this area. According to a press release of the journal, "Coinciding with Rio+20, the open-access journal PLoS Biology is publishing three...

2012-06-20  |  Janet Eaton

Eyes on Trade: Public Citizen:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Investment Chapter that leaked last week has been making waves. Trade scholars, talking heads, citizens and politicians are all discussing the ramifications of this chapter, which outlines the process that multinational corporations can use to sue governments that enact laws to protect public health, workers’ rights, and the environment.

The leak of this secretive chapter has amplified the voices of bipartisan congressmen and numerous civil society organizations who have long been demanding transparency in the TPP negotiations. Huffington Post ran an article which opened on the front page and has drawn a record number of reader comments- 29,959 to date. The text of the article cites the list of...

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