First Post!

To all concerned and curious Sierra Club members. Although I have had my page up at for almost a week now, I have neglected to post anything on my blog, This is for two reasons. The first is actually pretty silly; I was nervous about what I would say. Since this is such a big event for me, I wanted it to be sufficiently... fulfilling, when I made my first Post. Which leads me to the second reason, Due to a knee injury I sustained while on my 24Hr earth day ride, my departure date, and subsequently the entire trip has been thrown into turmoil. This has been really hard for me, mentally and physically as I struggle with the fact that I can not ride until it gets better, lest I should re-injure it. Because of these two things, I have put off what I have most been looking forward too; interacting with the people of Canada. Well no more, I break my silence here and now to fill everyone in on what I am trying to accomplish on my cross Canada ride.

I decided to raise awareness for Sierra Club Canada because quite frankly I was dead tired of doing nothing. For many years I would find myself increasingly appalled by the continued lack of both fore-site and hind-sight shown by industry and government in the twenty-first century, What I noticed was that what was necessary forty years ago has become increasingly outdated. Energy production, agriculture, transportation and infrastructure have all been in need of a serious overhaul for some time, yet here we are dealing with issues that seem like they should have been old news ten years ago! So I asked myself; which organization do I most trust to give everything they have to fighting for a better tomorrow? The Sierra Club of course! Being the oldest organization dedicated to protecting North American wilderness means that no one group can match the monumental work that Sierra Club has undertaken over the years. With this in mind I launched my campaign to spread the word about the Club; I began by handing out leaflets and posting them around town, and have since moved on to telling everyone to check out the website for info on the Club. Several articles printed about my trip in local newspapers have managed to help as well. As I mentioned before however, I did sustain a knee injury on the 22nd of April that has cast a pall over my entire trip. Luckily, it has given me lots of time to read, and I have been learning lots about a wide range of issues. This is important, because it was always my intention to blog a weekly post about a certain issue. This will allow me to both learn and inform, as I will be the first to admit that my environmental education is far from complete. Nor do I think it ever will be complete, since environmental science is constantly revealing new and impressive information

So although short, I am glad to have gotten my first post out of the way, since it has been hanging over me for some time now. Expect more to come!

Oh and I am currently playing it by ear in regards to my Departure date, but the latest I will be leaving is one week from my original Departure date of May 15.

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