Alberta Centennial Wilds


Interprovincial Boundary Survey 1913-1916  Provincial Archives of Alberta, A.10723

Imagine …
 … experiencing some of the same wilderness the first peoples and Euro-Canadian explorers did.
 … walking in their footsteps, paddling in their strokes.
 … visualizing their accounts along with what you experience today.

Discover … 
 …the wild lands and rivers they knew, which still exist in Alberta today.

Be a part …
 … of the vision to keep this natural and cultural history alive through the appreciation and preservation of Alberta’s wild lands and rivers.

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c-wilds-1c-wilds-1“Future generations may wonder at our blindness if we neglect to set them aside before civilization invades them.”

The late Jas. B. Harkin, founder of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board and first Commissioner in charge of national parks (1911-1936)


What better way to celebrate Alberta’s 100th birthday than with a lasting gift of parks and wilderness.

Alberta was alive with ancient histories and vast tracks of wilderness prior to 1905.  Although most has since been transformed, some wild places and the human connections with them still remain.  The stories and observations of the first peoples and Euro-Canadian explorers connected with today’s wild lands and rivers give us a doorway to what the primeval continent – the original – was like.

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