Three Provinces and Climate Change: The Good, The Bad, and the Silent

The week was scarcely half over by the time three provincial governments or their advisors had weighed in on Canada’s emerging climate strategy. The stark differences in approach—from a visionary, ambitious program in Ontario, to outright climate denial in Saskatchewan—point to the challenges ahead in the effort to forge an effective, pan-Canadian response to climate change.

‘Humans Can’t Even Photosynthesize!’: The Natural World is Smarter Than We Think

The inanimate world is smarter than we think, says U.S. botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, Ph.D., in a recent edition of the On Being podcast: Before we get too impressed with the dominance of human structures over natural systems, she notes, let’s not forget that humans can’t even photosynthesize!

NAFTA on Steroids: With New Trade Deal, ‘If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu’

For a chilling view of Canada’s possible future, look no farther than the shamelessly brazen, $15-billion lawsuit that TransCanada Corporation launched against the United States government, after President Barack Obama had the temerity to refuse a permit for the company’s controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

We’re Winning Now. Let's Bring it Home.

We’ve been hearing for years that climate change is the defining challenge of our lifetimes. That our children and theirs will judge us by what we did to stop the melting ice caps and the rising seas. That we’ll know we’re serious about climate change when we’ve mounted a peaceful mobilization on the scale of the Second World War to build a post-carbon world.