‘Canada is Back’, But the Devil is in the Details

"Canada is back, my friends,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared again Monday, in his speech to the opening plenary of the United Nations climate summit. But as negotiators from 190 countries make their way through the ponderous, technical process of wordsmithing a make-or-break global agreement to control climate change, it’s becoming clear that the devil is in the details.

About the Québec Chapter

The Québec Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is committed to the protection and restoration of the natural environment of Québec. We have active groups in the Montreal region and elsewhere. The Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been involved on a wide variety of issues ranging from the protection of wildlife and wilderness, loss of biological diversity, climate change, sustainable energy, nuclear waste, environmental toxins, clean air and water, and genetic engineering.

Your Eyes and Ears on Climate Change

The Energy Mix is a thrice-weekly Canadian e-digest on climate change, energy, and the low-carbon future. During the UN climate change negotiations in Paris November 30-December 11, they’ll be publishing every day.

For 28¢ per day, The Energy Mix can be your eyes and ears on climate change. And your subscription includes a generous contribution to Sierra Club Canada Foundation:

100% is possible! Get your costume ready!

Get your costume ready! In two weeks, Global Climate Marches and mobilisations will be taking place in Canada and around the world.

Get your costume ready! In two weeks, Global Climate Marches and mobilisations will be taking place in Canada and around the world.

Every day, marches are being announced in new locations on the 29th of November, to demand immediate and effective action on climate change leading up to the COP 21 Climate Change Summit in Paris. We need you to join us!

In Canada, thousands have already pledged to march in Ottawa and other cities across the country.

Digby Neck Quarry Bilcon Case, Tribunal Decision and Dissent

Publication Date: 
May 11, 2015

The announcement that a NAFTA Investor State Tribunal had overturned the decision of a Canadian Federal Provincial Environmental Joint Review Panel decision to reject a US mega-quarry proposed by Bilcon of Delaware Inc. for Whites Point, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, sent shock waves across the province causing indignation amongst the many Nova Scotians who had been involved in the lengthy and hard fought struggle to preserve the small scale scenic, rural fishing community and economy on the ecologically sensitive and unique Bay of Fundy with its endangered right whales.