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Karl Schiefer, a consulting Aquatic Biologist, gave this presentation "Great Lakes Ecosystems: Do We Value Them?" at our Port Huron event. Schiefer gives a brief history of human uses and impacts on the Great Lakes with a focus on Huron/Georgian Bay. Schiefer says our European value system (an anthorpocentric world-view with an emphasis on advanced technology) dominates our management of the Great Lakes. This has a huge impact on the environment as compared to the First Nations that coexisted with the resource for millenium without depleting it. Schiefer calls on us to rethink our proposed solutions to Great Lakes problems: "We have this incredible faith that our technology, which created almost all the problems that I outlined, can itself be the solution to those problems."
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Recently retired as a Program Director for the Great Lakes Commission after 8 years of service, Roger Gauthier gave this terrific presentation at our Great Lakes Symposium (April 8, 2011 in Port Huron, Michigan). The title of the presentation is: Great Lakes Levels and Flows. The material included is wholistic as to patterns & influences on the Great Lakes water levels. Gauthier's conclusions are hard-hitting: the sustained low lake levels in lakes Michigan, Huron & Georgian Bay are neither natural nor inevitable. And the choice to keep these lakes low is having negative economic and environmental effects.
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Here are links to the answers we received from Candidates in Atlantic Canadian Ridings to our Election Questionnaire. If you are not sure of which Riding you are in, please go to Elections Canada's website to find out!     New Brunswick Conservative - No response Green NDP Liberal Newfoundland and Labrador Conservative - No response Green NDP Liberal - No response Nova Scotia Conservative Green NDP Liberal - No repsonse Prince Edward Island Conservative - No response Green NDP Liberal - No response If you want to see all of the answers we received from the Candidates in one spot, please go to this link.
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By Janet M Eaton The following announcement that Julia Gillard's Australian government has rejected investor-State dispute settlement in trade agreements [1] is good news for those  who care about good government, democratic legislation and process, fairness, poverty reduction, the environment, and the planet not to mention a sustainable economy. For indeed the  investor state mechanism in Free Trade Agreements [FTAs] has been widely discredited on many fronts.  [For more on Investor state, sometimes referred to as investor privileges, see here.
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Edited transcript of Tony Reddin's submission to the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources on behalf of Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island (ECO-PEI) on Thursday, March 2, 2011The main issues raised in Mr. Reddin's submission: 1) using less energy from all sources is a critical part of avoiding more economical and climate catastrophes; 2) young people must be included in these strategy planning discussions and decisions; 3) farming without fossil fuels is a challenge that must be faced; 4) Canadian trade and energy agreements must be negotiated to serve Canadians instead of corporations, and 5) nuclear power is unnecessary, unsafe and uneconomical. Agenda:
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Save Our Seas and Shores Coalition, Sierra Club Atlantic, and Ecology Action Centre do not recognize the authority of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) to assess and approve oil and gas exploration and development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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