Lighting the Way: The Sierra Club's Look at First Steps Toward a Clean Energy Future

Publication Date: 
December 12, 2003
The energy-delivery system in North America is in trouble, and the harmful effects of this are being felt today in the form of health problems, environmental damage, and a system that doesn’t meet today’s needs. The Sierra Club U.S. and Sierra Club Canada have surveyed energy programs and found that each of the states and provinces in the northeast United States and Atlantic Canada has taken some useful steps that serve as examples of opportunities for all.

Consumer Benefits vs. Consumers Risks - Why urban residents should care about Intensive Livestock Operations

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2003
There is a concern that many urban residents are either unaware of the impact of Intensive Livestock Operations (ILO), or view the effects of ILOs as a rural problem that has no bearing on the lives of city dwellers. This is a great misconception, for the negative impacts of industrial hog production are vast, touching many aspects of rural and urban life.