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Reclaiming the Corridor for People not Tar SandsYou and your family are invited to join us for a walk along the Hydro Corridor north of Finch Ave. (from Talbot Rd., west to Bathurst Ave.).We will be celebrating the use of this provincially-owned Corridor as a public recreation space; instead of a dangerousprofit centre for Enbridge.(WE WILL MEET AT 1pm AT THE WEST END OF THE TTC PARKING LOT AT HENDON AND YONGE.)See attached flyer for the map & details. More online at
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Natural capital refers to stock of natural resources and environmental assets and how they contribute to building healthy communities. The Natural Capital perspective tries to quantify the wide range of benefits that are provided by these natural resources and environmental assets for free.Thanks to recent support from Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund we are expanding the NCC by doing walks & talks and natural area restoration projects starting in April 2013. If you are interested in volunteering or attending these events contact Kristina at 647-346-8744 or to open the pdf below and learn more about specific Mississauga examples of natural capital.
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