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Derek grew up in the sleepy little town of Brooklin, Ontario. Upon completing his history degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2004, he began a life of travel and worked as tour guide in Europe for eight years. After his experience as a backpacker in Copenhagen, Denmark during the UN Climate Change Summit in 2009, Derek recognized countries are failing to take action on climate change. The following year he launched International Stop the Tar Sands Day in Berlin. This voluntary educational event emphasizes creativity and public participation and has spread to over 50 cities on four continents.


Derek returned to Canada in 2013. He is a freelance writer and volunteer's his time helping communities become aware of the Line 9 and Energy East pipelines. He lives in Ottawa.


For more information on International Stop the Tar Sands Day please go to the website -


You can follow International Stop the Tar Sands Day on Twitter @StopTarSandsDay. You can also check out video footage of International Stop the Tar Sands Day on YouTube at StopTarSandsTV




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