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Sierra Club of Canada has been active in Canada since 1963. The national office of Sierra Club of Canada was established in Ottawa in 1989.

In 1992, Sierra Club of Canada was incorporated to create a truly national presence for what had previously been Canadian chapters within the U.S. based Sierra Club. We have active chapters in every region of Canada, with offices in Ottawa, Victoria, Sydney, Corner Brook, Halifax, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto. Sierra Club of Canada is the agent of Sierra Club of Canada Foundation, a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Sierra Club of Canada has several major national campaigns with four program areas: Health and Environment , Protecting Biodiversity , Atmosphere and Energy , and Transition to a Sustainable Economy .

Today, Sierra Club of Canada has approximately 10,000 members, supporters, and youth affiliate members across Canada. Our members are volunteers who work in club campaign activities, as well as outings and club development.

We have five chapters across the country: British Columbia Chapter, Prairie Chapter, Ontario Chapter, Quebec Chapter and Atlantic Canada Chapter - in addition to our dozens of local groups in communities all across Canada from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island.

We have an excellent reputation within our constituency and externally for refusing to compromise our ideals for convenience or for comfort, and for taking risks when necessary. We have an excellent, developed media presence, and we are equally comfortable in a Minister’s office as at a kitchen table with a group of activist fishermen. We can do more with a little than most ever do with much.


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