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Job Description - Director


Board members collectively and individually are responsible to the membership of Sierra Club of Canada to oversee the business of the organization in an effective manner.  The Sierra Club Board of Directors is accountable for the performance of National office, as well as the overall strategies, policies and performance of the regional organizations that make up the Club.


Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings (except in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances), and to devote the amount of time appropriate to contribute to the smooth running of the Board. They may serve as chair or member on other Board committees.  Board members must be a member in good standing of Sierra Club of Canada and are expected to support the Club financially with an annual gift which is significant under her/his circumstances.


  • High level of integrity
  • Good oral and written communications skills
  • Other skills and qualifications as required for specific Board responsibilities


Each Board member is accountable for the following:

  • Executing the duties of the Board with loyalty, diligence and without conflict of interest
  • Careful stewardship of Sierra Club of Canada’s resources, especially financial and human
  • Safeguarding the mission of the organization
  • Ensuring the development and implementation of an effective strategic plan
  • Monitoring and ensuring adequate organizational performance
  • Serving in the best interests of the organization’s membership




  • To attend all face-to-face meetings of the Board (generally two each year)
  • To attend all conference call meetings of the Board (generally two or more each year)
  • To review Board materials and discussion items in a timely manner
  • To make a meaningful contribution at each meeting
  • To serve as a loyal and effective ambassador for the organization
  • To treat all members of the Board and staff team with respect and inclusiveness
  • To place the interests of Sierra Club of Canada before their own personal and/or professional interests, in the course of their duties with Sierra Club of Canada

of office

Board members are appointed for a term of three years, with the opportunity to be elected by the membership to a second term of three years as appropriate.


Board members receive no financial compensation for serving in this office, but do receive payment for travel and incidental expenses incurred while performing the business of the Board or its committees.  A variety of intangible benefits accrue to the experience including, but not necessarily limited to: satisfaction in serving the cause of the environment and Sierra Club, enhanced professional profile, professional and personal development, education, development of lifelong friendships and alliances – and fun.


Performance is self-evaluated and evaluated by the Board annually

Approved by

The Board of Directors on May 4, 2007



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