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Open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear Mr. Harper,

I am puzzled by two conflicting statements you made last Friday, July 14th while visiting Prime Minister Tony Blair in London.

According to a Reuters story by Randall Palmer, you said that morning during breakfast with Mr. Blair that "Canada was not abandoning the Kyoto Protocol even though it has said it would not be able to meet the mandated reduction in emissions."

Then, that very same evening during your address before the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, you stated that "an ocean of oil-soaked sand lies under the muskeg of northern Alberta – my home province."

You went on to say that "By 2015, Canadian oil production is forecast to reach almost 4 million barrels a day. Two thirds of it will come from the oil sands."

Don't you see the discrepancy here? How can you say that you support Kyoto and at the same time use Federal tax incentives to encourage investment in the mega-mess that the tar sands is becoming? Aren't you aware that the process of extracting the oil from the tar sands already contributes to one third of the CO2 emissions for all of Canada?

Perhaps you don't think we read your speeches, or that we don't care.

We do care, Mr. Harper. We care about our country, about our environment, and about honouring our committment to actively support the Kyoto Accord.

Dorothy Cutting