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Dorothy Cutting's Climate Change Journey

Dorothy Cutting

Dorothy Cutting and Arta

At age 71, Dorothy Cutting has decided to take action to ensure the federal government delivers on the issue of climate change. On Monday, September 9, 2002, the grandmother of four departed from Mile Zero of the Trans-Canada Highway in Victoria, bound for the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Her goal: to deliver to each Member of Parliament a copy of Robert Hunter's book, 2030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our Lifetime.

As reported in a recent newspaper article, Dorothy feels that the book deals with issues of such importance that she is spending "every dime" she has to ensure that the book's message reaches MPs and others.

"Everyone who reads his book will be energized," says Dorothy, "We'll be scared into action!"

In the book, which details the catastrophic implications of global warming, Robert Hunter describes a future that includes the sudden loss of the northern ice cap by 2050. This could trigger the interruption of the Gulf Stream and devastate European agriculture.

Dorothy Cutting originally planned to fly to Ottawa to deliver the book, but felt the greenhouse gas emissions associated with airline travel were contradictory to her message. Her solution is to drive the 5,000-kilometre cross-country trip in a fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid car. The car is rated as an ultra low emission vehicle and gets up to 61 miles per gallon.

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