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For release, Wednesday, September 11, 2002

“2030” Inspires Action

“When he learns, so do we – there’s no lecturing.” – On Robert Hunter’s “2030”, The Daily News, Halifax, NS

“Bob does something I haven’t seen before, he states some frightening things but in a way that you feel energized and want to do everything you possibly can to make a change.” Dorothy Cutting

With this intention Dorothy Cutting has set off to hand a copy of the book, 2030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our Lifetime, to each Member of Parliament. Dorothy is a 71 year old grandmother and life member of the Sierra Club of Canada. She is driving a Honda hybrid gas-electric car so that her journey will not be contradictory to her message – taking action to change global warming.

Driving alone from her SaltSpring home right across Canada is Cutting’s way of sharing her message that one individual can make a difference if they use their imagination. She takes hope from the Prime Minister’s recent commitment to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, but is concerned that it will trigger a backlash from opponents of the agreement. Because of this, Cutting feels her trip is now more important than ever.

The author of the book Robert Hunter, co-founder of the Greenpeace Foundation and past winner of the Governor General’s Award is thrilled at the reaction it has received, “I was hoping if one group responded it would be the grandparents, perhaps Mr. Chrétien will respond and ratify necessary changes…”

In 2030, which details the catastrophic implications of global warming, Hunter describes a future that includes the melting of the northern ice cap, the interruption of the Gulf Stream, and the collapse of agriculture in Europe. But there is hope; if we act now we can still change the future. What makes this book hopeful is Hunter’s activist-at-the-barricades conviction that we can still avert disaster.

Individual initiative is certainly making a difference in the case of Dorothy Cutting and McClelland & Stewart welcomes this positive step towards preserving our environment. In full support of similar measures, McClelland & Stewart has initiated the Green Program and as a result many of our titles since Fall 2001 have been printed on ‘New leaf,’ ancient-forest-friendly paper. We are proud to be assisting Dorothy Cutter in her efforts to spread the words of 2030: Confronting Thermageddon in Our Lifetime.

– 30 –

  • Dorothy left mile zero in Victoria, B.C., Monday September 9th 2002

  • News conference on Thursday September 12th, 2002, at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza, 10 a.m.

  • Dorothy plans to stop in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Toronto

For more information about 2030, or to book an interview with Robert Hunter or Dorothy Cutting contact:

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Andrew Dumbrille
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