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An Important Notice for all Supporters of Sierra Club of Canada

We would like to start off by thanking our generous and loyal members and donors.  Through your support, you are really helping us to make a difference for the future of our country and our planet!

As of February 1 2007, Sierra Club of Canada is making a major change that will affect our members and donors.  From this point onwards, any supporter who makes a single or cumulative contribution to Sierra Club of Canada or Sierra Club Canada Foundation of $20 or more in a 12-month period will be treated as a member of the Club.

This replaces our former membership structure, in which we encouraged donations, but expected supporters who wished to have membership status to pay a separate membership fee.  We have set the support level where we feel it can be achieved by almost anyone because we place great value on the support of a diverse and engaged constituency.

However, we hope that you will continue to support Sierra Club of Canada at levels that are equal to – or even greater than – your support in past years.  For example, if you have paid a membership fee of $40 in the past, perhaps you will consider a gift of $50 this year.  This will still entitle you to membership, and your increased support will go directly to our environmental programs.  We have much work to do and we can’t do it without your support!

Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I just want to give money to Sierra Club of Canada, but don’t want to become a member?
A. You may choose to opt out of becoming a member by simply ticking the appropriate box on the donation form.

Q. What if I’m a monthly donor?  Will my support count towards a membership?
A. Yes.  All monthly donors are considered members until such a time as you cease your monthly donations.

Q. How do you calculate a 12-month period?  Is it from January to December, or from when I make my gift, or something else?
A. Your membership ends one year after your first single or cumulative gift of $20 or more.

Q. Does it make any difference whether I give money to the Foundation or to Sierra Club of Canada itself?
A. You are entitled to a membership whether you prefer to support Sierra Club Canada, or the Foundation.

Q. Will I still be able to get a tax receipt?
A. All gifts directed to Sierra Club of Canada Foundation qualify for a tax receipt for the full amount.

Q. I am a life member of Sierra Club.  How will I be affected?
A. We will continue to recognize the status of current Life members but will no longer offer Life membership under this new arrangement.  You will, however, be invited to contribute regularly to Sierra Club of Canada or its Foundation.

Q. We have a joint membership in Sierra Club.  How will we be affected?
A. Joint memberships are no longer available under this arrangement.  But we do welcome family involvement, so all members of your household can become members by making a donation of $20 each to either the Club or the Foundation.

Q. I renewed in 2006, is my membership still valid?
A. Yes, your original expiry date is still the same.  As your expiry date approaches, we will send you a renewal notice.

Q. Will I still receive my renewal notice?
A. We will send out a renewal notice as your expiry date approaches.

Q. What if want to be a member of Sierra Youth Coalition?
A. All donors who identify themselves as 26 years of age or younger or as students of any age have the choice to become members of the Sierra Youth Coalition, as opposed to their regional chapter.

Q. What are the benefits of membership in Sierra Club of Canada anyway?
A. By joining Sierra Club Canada, you become a part of an effective grassroots team that works actively to protect the environment.  You will receive both SCAN (Sierra Club Activist News, our National newsletter) and your Chapter newsletter (if applicable) to keep you up to date on all the issues and local outings.  Your membership in Sierra Club Canada also includes a membership in your local Chapter. Your membership entitles you to one vote in the annual election for the National Board of Directors, and one vote in the annual election for the executive committee for the chapter to which you belong.  This provides you with an opportunity to influence the governance of the Sierra Club.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS Sierra Club Canada BECOMES A VOICE FOR CHANGE.

Q. I really can’t afford the $20 membership fee, but I want to support you with my time and energy.  What should I do?
A. There are many ways to support the work of Sierra Club of Canada.  Visit our website at to find out how you can get involved including signing up for action alerts, contacting your local representative or joining as a volunteer.

Sierra Club of Canada National Office