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SCC Green Gazette

July 2004

Sierra Club of Canada's monthly news update
from the National Office, Chapters and Groups

National Office
Atlantic Canada Chapter
Ontario Chapter
Prairie Chapter

BC Chapter
Sierra Youth Coalition
Groupe Québec – Quebec Group



Grassroots Recruitment Incentive Program

An annual contest to build Sierra Club of Canada membership.


Your group and chapter’s membership numbers will be confirmed as of May 31st.

The rest is up to you….the groups and chapter that gain the most new members by November 1, 2004, or Youth Coalition memberships nationally, will win cash prizes…..

Sierra Club of Canada will award $2000 to the group and $1000 to the chapter within which group is located for the most members gained.

Federal Election 2004

The federal election was held on June 28th 2004. For election results, visit Elections Canada - Also see SCC’s federal election page

Eco-Olympic Medals Awarded to Candidates Across Canada

(Ottawa) Wednesday, June 9, 2004: The Sierra Club of Canada released its assessment of all the candidates across Canada, recognizing those who have clear environmental concerns with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Environmental Report Card on Party Promises: Harper Flunks

(Ottawa) Tuesday, June 15, 2004: The Sierra Club of Canada released its analysis of the party platforms on the environment, augmented by responses to a questionnaire submitted to all parties. The analysis included the major five national parties -- Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic, Bloc Quebecois and the Green Party.

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Sierra Club of Canada Revises Grade in Light of Conservative Reply to Questionnaire

(Ottawa) Tuesday,June 14th, 2004: the Sierra Club of Canada released grades based on combined scoring for the party's platforms and replies to a questionnaire sent to every party. The Conservative Party had failed to reply to the questionnaire and received an "F." Following new coverage of the report card, the Conservative Party Environment Critic, Bob Mills, contacted the Sierra Club of Canada to request a reconsideration.

Sign up for Action Alerts!

The purpose of the list is to broadcast Sierra Club of Canada national environmental campaign information, such as campaign updates, alerts and press releases to members and friends of the Sierra Club of Canada.

Anyone may subscribe to this list and receive messages, but only the editors of this list may post messages.

To sign up visit:

Separating Science from Science Fiction

“The Day After Tomorrow”, Hollywood’s latest big budget action film. Its focus of global climate change has provided an opportunity for education and networking on the planet's most pressing environmental issue. SCC has created a fact sheet and leaflet for members and all filmgoers to distribute at their local multiplexes. Please visit our website to download the file:

Atmosphere and Energy

Dene Youth Alliance Summit to discuss Mackenzie Gas Project

The Dene Youth Alliance is holding a summit for Northern youth and elders interested in traditional knowledge, sustainable development, and the environmental impacts of the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project in Liidlii Kue (Ft. Simpson), Northwest Territories from July 9 to 12.

The theme for the Summit is "A Sacred Gathering for Our Children" and will include workshops on: sustainable communities, Indigenous Rights, globalization, and renewable energy technologies.

Stephen Hazell will represent Sierra Club of Canada at the event, and Lindsay Telfer will represent Sierra Youth Coalition.

Registration forms are available at local high schools, band offices, and online at (click on "EVENTS").

82% of Canadians Support Kyoto – Harper Doesn’t
Conservatives would tarnish Canada’s global reputation by undermining Kyoto internationally

(Ottawa) Tuesday, June 8, 2004: Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party is out of step with the 82% of Canadians who support the Kyoto Protocol according to polling by Ekos Research for the Government of Canada. The Sierra Club of Canada called on Canadians to scrutinize the Conservative Party’s environmental policies, especially regarding Kyoto.

Groups take out ad to support Kyoto

(Ottawa) Monday, June 21, 2004: The Sierra Club of Canada, Greenpeace Canada and the Pembina Institute joined with 90 environment, faith and labour organizations to publish a full page in the June 21st Globe and Mail to illustrate the overwhelming support of Canadians for the Kyoto Protocol. The ad reads: “26,000,000 Canadians support the Kyoto Protocol - including us”, and lists the names of the participating organizations.

Protecting Biodiversity

Sierra Club of Canada and Global Forest Watch Canada make available corporate forest development plan maps as a tool for conservation activists.

Forest companies’ plans for future logging and road building are now available for portions of Canada’s commercial forest. In a joint project between the Sierra Club of Canada and Global Forest Watch Canada, these plans are available for downloading by visiting: The project launch is the beginning of the project; if you have access to other digital maps of forest management plans, contact Rachel Plotkin at:

International designation applied to wild areas in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Foothills

(Edmonton) Tuesday, June 8, 2004: Provincial and international conservation groups have jointly identified three Endangered Forests in the Foothills adjacent to Alberta’s Rocky Mountain parks. Endangered Forests are an international designation based on the presence in these areas of intact forest, remnant forest, habitat for woodland caribou, grizzly bear and bull trout, and presence of old-growth forest. The groups have launched the designation of these areas by producing a document which describes the areas and calls on the Alberta Government, the forestry and oil and gas industry to place a moratorium on new industrial activity until legislated protected areas are established through land-use planning processes (booklet available at: The areas of focus are the Kakwa, Little Smoky, and Bighorn Country.




Pesticide Tool Kit

Check out Achieving a Pesticide Bylaw Toolkit at:

Chock full of good advice for organizers and municipal councillors as well as downloadable fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations!


David Anderson, Minister of the Environment, has announced the referral of the High-Temperature Thermal Oxidizer Project, located in Belledune, New Brunswick to a federal review panel. The panel will examine the project's potential transboundary environmental effects in the province of Québec, on federal lands and in the waters of the Baie des Chaleurs. The public is invited to comment on the draft terms of reference for the review panel. The 30th of June was the deadline for commenting. For information, access



The report entitled "Recommendations for the Regulation of Pesticides in Prince Edward Island" has been released. The report includes 44 recommendations in the areas of pesticide sales, purchase and application; vendor and applicator training; posting and notification of pesticide applications; record keeping; display, transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides; enforcement of regulations; and reduction of pesticide use. It is available at:


Draft guidelines for potable water haulers are available for public comment at


The AGM for SCC Cape Breton Group was held June 27 at the Bell Museum in beautiful Baddeck. This marks a departure from the usual place (Sydney) and time (fourth quarter) for the group AGM, and we plan to repeat this new format next year. Many of our issues are centered far from Sydney, and we want to make it easier for rural members to attend the annual meeting. Lillian MacLeod of nearby Middle River updated us on the ongoing septage problem in the area. In a recent development, she's been banned from setting foot on property owned by newly named "Island Vacuum Services", but vows to continue her fight against illegal storage and disposal of septage on the island.


Sydney residents were alarmed again recently by noxious smells from the Domtar tank - this time it was the smell of moth balls that permeated the crisp night air. Parker Donham of the provincial Tar Ponds Agency said elevated levels of naphthalene coincided with a new heating process that created more gases inside the building. Irate residents, outraged at the delay in reporting this leak to the community, stormed the local environment office demanding answers. Cape Breton Group members Bruno Marcocchio and Neila MacQueen were among the dozen residents demanding that a voluntary buffer zone be set up of at least 300 metres from the toxic site.


Sound like a new political party? It's not - a Cape Breton Company, Black River Hydro Ltd. is seeking regulatory approval to erect up to three wind turbines at sites in South Cape Mabou Highlands and Creignish Mountain. Company president Neal Livingston has applied to supply about two megawatts of electricity to the Nova Scotia Power Inc. grid. Livingston has operated a hydro generating unit for 20 years in Guysborough County selling to the grid. We wish Neal well in this new wind-power initiative for Cape Breton.

Check out the link below for more details and media articles.


Mark your calendars for our fabulous annual gathering, this year to be held in Belledune, New Brunswick on the weekend of September 24-26th. 



BOOK CLUB DISCUSSES Hawken's "The Ecology of Commerce" - June 22

As part of the EcoCertification program there are 2 discussion sessions coming up to talk about the issues presented in the book the Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawken.

First Session

WHEN: Tuesday June 22 from 7:00 pm to approx. 9:00 pm

WHERE: Toronto's Metro Hall (55 John St.) Room 305

(The next session will be held on the evening of Tuesday July 13th. )

This will be a kick-off discussion, you don't have to have finished the book to participate in this talk.

For further details contact, Michelle Seemann:


Volunteers are needed to make Toronto's experiment with pedestrian zones a success!

We need people interested in transportation alternatives to help out by handing out brochures, putting up posters, and having FUN on Church Street and in Kensington Market this summer.

Contact Dylan Penner, Campaign Coordinator
web: &

Executive Committee Meetings

The Ontario Chapter, The GTA Group & The Ottawa Group are all holding Executive Committee meetings during the month of June. To find out more about what's happening in your part of the Club, why not contact your ExCom's Chair ...

GTA Group Chair: Mark Viitala
Ottawa Group Chair: Daniel Van Vliet Ontario Chapter Chair: David Baar



Pesticide Free Yard Action Kits Still Available!

Drop by any of the locations below, fill out your Pesticide Free Pledge Form and receive a free action kit. The kit includes an attractive "Pesticide Free Lawn" sign, informational brochure, fridge magnet and decal.

The kits are available at the following locations:

Sierra Club of Canada- Prairie Chapter (2nd Floor, 6328-104 St)

Mountain Equipment Co-op (12328-102 Avenue - membership desk)

Earth's General Store (10832 - Whyte Ave)

Take Action on the Cheviot Mine and Bighorn

Cheviot Mine, Take Action
Bighorn Country & Mountain Park Campaign Websites

Interested in volunteering?

Check out local opportunities on our website
Also check our upcoming events and meetings.



B.C. government’s pine beetle strategy threatens communities

( Victoria , B.C.) Jun 11, 2004: Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter says further increases in harvesting rates in an attempt to suppress the mountain pine beetle outbreak in B.C.’s Interior will continue to undermine long-term community stability and threaten environmental values. On June 10th B.C.’s Chief Forester, Larry Pedersen, released a discussion paper recommending additional increases to the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) in three of B.C.’s most affected areas.

Youth in Media

Calling all youth!

Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter and Gumboot Productions Inc. invite you to participate in TAKE TWO of Youth in Media – Action on Climate Change. Here is your chance to help Canadians discover how they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.



Youth Action Gathering (YAG)

The Sierra Youth Coalition invites youth to attend its second Youth Action Gathering (YAG) from August 14th through August 20th, 2004. YAG is a free, one-week camp for high school aged youth. Attend interactive workshops on issues such as sweatshops, factory farms, racism, homophobia, climate change and globalization. Enjoy good food, campfires, late night jams, funky art and crazy games. Meet youth from throughout the Ottawa and Cornwall regions and learn to organize within your respective communities. Be Heard, Learn How!

6th Annual Sustainable Campuses Conference
September 30 - October 3rd

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

For the past 6 years SYC has organized the Sustainable Campuses Conference. This gathering supports, documents and spreads the efforts of Canadian post-secondary students at implementing sustainable development initiatives at their campuses. The conference has created a national network of over 50 universities and colleges and thousands of post-secondary students who collaborate in their efforts at making our institutions of higher education more socially and environmentally responsible. Join us this year in Winnipeg! For more information, please visit



The Sierra Club of Canada (Québec group) invites you to join us July 10, 2004 from 1:30 p.m. 'til 4:00 p.m. for a tour of the Islands of Boucherville by "rabaska" (large canoe!)

Come join us for a paddle through the park in a giant canoe! This is the perfect opportunity to tour the islands to observe some of the 190 species of land and water birds which visit the park each year, and to learn a little of the islands' early history. The trip will last 1 and &Mac184; hours, but you can stay until the sun goes down, have a picnic, or walk or cycle the many paths in search of deer and other land animals. It's a perfect opportunity to meet the executive committee members of the Club, and exchange information about issues that matter to you in an informal atmosphere.

1.To reserve : Please confirm your attendance no later than July 6th by calling Denise Giroux (514) 932-7023.

2.Price : It costs $20.00 for members - $25.00 for non-members, which includes your entry to the park, boat rentals and the Park guide. 

3.Carpools : We are organising carpools for those who need a ride, and to reduce costs (of gas) as well as gas emissions. Please indicate whether you want a lift or are offering to drive as well as where you live, so that we can put everyone in touch with the closest driver.


Le Sierra Club du Canada (groupe du Québec) organise une sortie en rabaska dans le Parc des Iles de Boucherville le 10 juillet 2004 de 13h30 à 16h00

Sous notre propre propulsion (il faudra ramer !) nous ferons une « promenade » sur l'eau d'une durée d'une heure et demie, sous la gouverne d'un guide du Parc. Le guide nous racontera l'histoire des îles (la famille Molson avait une fois sa maison d'été sur une des îles) et nous amènera aux lieux propices à l'observation des 190 espèces d'oiseaux terrestres et aquatiques qui fréquentent le parc. Cette activité permettra de nous rencontrer entre ami-e-s afin de partager nos aspirations pour le Sierra Club et pour le monde.

1.Réservation : Prière de bien vouloir confirmer votre participation avant le 6 juillet afin de vous assurer une place, en appelant Denise Giroux au (514) 932-7023.

2.Prix : Le prix est $20.00 pour les membres, $25.00 pour les non-membres, ce qui comprend le prix d'entrée au parc ainsi que la tournée en rabaska avec guide. 

3.Co-voiturage : Nous organiserons le co-voiturage afin de réduire notre impact environnemental ainsi que le coût du voyagement. S.v.p. indiquez si vous êtes prêt à conduire ou si vous avez besoin d'un lift et on vous mettra en contact les uns avec les autres.

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