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SCC Green Gazette

February 2005

Sierra Club of Canada's monthly news update from the National Office,
Chapters and Groups

National Office
Atlantic Canada Chapter
Ontario Chapter
Prairie Chapter

BC Chapter
Sierra Youth Coalition



Call for Proposals to host People & the Planet Conference 2006

Sierra Club of Canada has had two very successful People & the Planet Conferences; in Kingston, Ontario in 2002 and in Calgary, Alberta in 2004. Where will the next one be held in 2006?

Sierra Club of Canada is inviting SCC Chapters and Groups to submit applications to host the 3rd bi-annual People and the Planet conference in 2006. The deadline for submitting a proposal is March 15, 2005. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee and a decision made at least one year prior to the conference - by April 30, 2005.

If your Chapter or Group would like to pursue this opportunity and need additional information, please contact Debra Eindiguer ( or 1.888.810.4204). 

Welcome Susan Paul

The National Board of Directors of Sierra Club of Canada and Elizabeth May, Executive Director, are pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Paul to the position of National Operations Director. This is a new position created to bring greater organizational strengths to national operations. Susan brings with her over 20 years experience in management with NGOs and NFP organizations. She has developed particular expertise in leading and managing organizational change and growth.

Susan has an extensive background as a professional fundraiser. She achieved status as a Certified Fund Raising Professional (CFRE) in 1997 and has led annual and capital campaigns, as well as partnership initiatives, that have resulted in multi-million dollar funding.

Until recently, Susan was Principal of Susan Paul & Associates, a consulting firm that specialized in the areas of strategic planning, organizational development and fund raising. Her clients have included social development, arts and culture, education, health care and environmental organizations. The Sierra Club of Canada board and staff are very excited about having Susan join the team.

Susan began her new position with Sierra Club of Canada on January 17, 2005 and can be reached at:

Gathering in the Gatineau

In the early evening of Sunday, January 30, in a cozy log cabin, nestled in the snow frosted Gatineau Hills on the edge of the Gatineau River outside of Ottawa, three generous and committed Sierra Club of Canada supporters, named Ian Tamblyn and D&Mac226;Arcy and Nancy Thorpe volunteered their time, home, and resources to throw a late New Year&Mac226;s party to welcome in the new year with 40 of their closest friends AND to introduce them to Sierra Club of Canada, an organization that is close to their heart.

The event was simple, relatively easy, and F-U-N. Nibbling on fondue, the attendees heard some of Ian Tamblyn&Mac226;s inspirational live music (, and listened to SCC ED Elizabeth May talk about why it's important to support Sierra Club of Canada.

The event was a smashing success, with 4 new members who signed up on the spot and dozens more, we&Mac226;re sure, to come through the door via the mail soon.

If you are interested in hosting a house party to help Sierra Club of Canada build its support base, please feel free to contact us for more information. Call Sara at 1-888-810-4204 or via email at

Volunteer Opportunity -- Choose to make a difference and get involved!!

Call for SC US / SCC Liaisons

Sierra Club of Canada seeks to fill 5 volunteer positions to serve as SC US / SCC Liaisons on 5 different committees: International Committee, US-Canada International Committee, Global Warming and Energy Program Committee, Marine Wildlife and Habitat Committee, Forest Certification Committee. Please see committee descriptions and delegate selection process below for additional information.

Description of Liaison Roles

Liaisons between Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) and Sierra Club (US) entities promote cooperation among all and a broader understanding of the interrelationship of the issues, as well as increased synergy through joint efforts. Liaisons provide information and facilitate communication. They may participate fully in the activities of an entity, and may or may not vote depending on the respective committee.

Level of Commitment

Most strategy teams and committees hold regular conference calls and the occasional in person meeting, of which a liaison may choose to attend some or all of these. A liaison is free to participate as time permits, but must be able to participate sufficiently to make his or her appointment to the position meaningful.

Each liaison shall:

1. Serve as an observer of the strategy team or committee to which he or she is appointed to be a liaison.
2. Recognize that committee members are empowered to conduct their own work.
3. Serve as a conduit of information, including potential problems, between the SCC and SC-US.
4. Share with the entity the thinking of the entity he or she represents.
5. Report back to the entity that appointed him or her as liaison on at least a bi-yearly basis.

The Sierra Club of Canada Board expects liaisons to follow these concepts as they further the integration of goals, volunteer empowerment and expertise.

Committee Descriptions Seeking Appointment

International Committee:
Works on a wide range of international issues, including the role of international financial institutions, international forestry rules, Antarctica and dams. This position is as a voting member. The delegate selected for this position may simultaneously serve on the US-Canada International Committee.

US-Canada International Committee:
Coordinates Sierra Club participation as a single entity in international fora and organizations as well as coordinates a single, binational Club signature or representation in any communication directed to a binational or international organization, or deals with an issue that is not solely the concern of either Sierra Club (U.S.) or Sierra Club of Canada. Chair rotates between the U.S. and Canada every two years. This position is as a voting member. The delegate selected for this position may simultaneously serve on the International Committee.

Global Warming and Energy Program Committee:
Directs and coordinates the Club&Mac226;s work to stop global warming. Primary focus of its efforts is running a campaign to get national legislation mandating tougher auto fuel emissions (CAFE) standards. This position is not a voting member.

Marine Wildlife and Habitat Committee:
Coordinates Club efforts around protection of marine wildlife and habitat in coastal areas and the Great Lakes. Has two work groups. This position is not a voting member.

Forest Certification Committee:
Coordinates the work of Sierra Club with respect to forest certification issues; represents SC US on the Forest Stewardship Council. This position is a voting member.

Delegate Selection Process

The SCC Delegate Selection Committee may appoint liaisons to any of the Sierra Club (US) Strategy Teams and working committees, which are overseen by the strategy teams.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the above positions please send a cover letter and resume by Friday February 4th to Sierra Club of Canada National Office care of Debra Eindiguer ( or by fax to 613-241-2292).

Elizabeth May Speaks.....

The Art of the Possible: Environmental Sustainability through a Political Glass, Darkly

Elizabeth May, Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada, will be speaking at a lecture series sponsored by the University of Ottawa, Institute of the Environment, School of Political Studies, the Faculty of Law, the Department of Philosophy, the Institute of Canadian Studies and the office of the Vice-Rector Research.

February 3rd, 2005
57 Louis Pasteur
Fauteux Hall - Room 133

The lecture will be followed by a reception. Admission is free.
RSVP to reserve your


St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada June 20-24, 2005
Conference Presenters Include:
Maurice Strong, Jigmi Thinley, Ray Anderson, Sakyoug Mipham Rinpoche, Ela Bhatt, Mathis Wackernagel, Dr. Marilyn Waring,
Farouk Jiwa, Dr. John Helliwell, John Taylor Gatto, Elizabeth Beale, Holly Dressel, Raffi, Elizabeth May, Cindy Blackstock, Danny Graham
Conference and workshop space is limited by facilities.
Register early to reserve your space online at:

Law, Lawyers, Sustainability and the Future of Earth

Dr. Andrew R. Thompson, Natural Resource Law Program, Distinguished Speaker Series Presents:
Elizabeth May speaking on February 24th at UBC Faculty of Law
12:30 PM Moot Court Room

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The purpose of the list is to broadcast Sierra Club of Canada national environmental campaign information, such as campaign updates, alerts and press releases to members and friends of the Sierra Club of Canada.
Anyone may subscribe to this list and receive messages, but only the editors of this list may post messages.

To subscribe and unsubscribe:

Atmosphere and Energy

Dion, Lapierre Meet the Terminator
Ministers meet Governor Schwarznegger and Examine California&Mac226;s Clean Car regulations

January 17, 2005-Ottawa &Mac246; Environment Minister Stéphane Dion and Transport Minister Jean Lapierre met California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger Tuesday morning January 18th as part of a fact-finding mission on California&Mac226;s innovative sustainable transportation policies, in particular the state&Mac226;s landmark legislation requiring carmakers to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from their vehicles by 30% by 2016.

Les ministres Dion et Lapierre rencontrent le « Terminator »
Les ministres ont rencontré le gouverneur Schwarznegger et ont examiné les mesures législatives de la Californie sur les voitures non polluantes

Ottawa &Mac246; Dans la matinée du mardi 18 janvier, le ministre de l&Mac226;Environnement, Stéphane Dion, et le ministre du Transport, Jean Lapierre, rencontreront le gouverneur de la Californie, Arnold Schwarznegger, dans le cadre d&Mac226;une mission d&Mac226;information sur les politiques innovatrices et durables de la Californie en matière de transport, plus particulièrement la loi historique de l&Mac226;État qui exige que d&Mac226;ici 2016, les constructeurs d&Mac226;automobiles réduisent de 30 % les émissions de gaz à effet de serre de leurs véhicules.

Environmental Groups Call on Prime Minister to Reject Proposals to Reduce Kyoto Targets for Industry

January 18, 2005(Ottawa) Leading Canadian environmental groups are calling on the Prime Minister to keep his commitment to the Kyoto Protocol in response to revelations that the Government is proposing to dramatically weaken restrictions on industrial emissions.

Des groupes écologistes demandent au premier ministre de ne pas réduire les objectifs de Kyoto pour les grandes industries

Ottawa, le 18 janvier 2005 &Mac246; Des révélations récentes indiquent que le gouvernement fédéral envisage d&Mac226;atténuer de manière dramatique les objectifs de réduction des gaz à effet de serre (GES) dans le secteur industriel. Les principaux organismes de protection de l&Mac226;environnement du pays demandent instamment au premier ministre de maintenir les engagements du Canada.

Action on Kyoto Now!

Governments around the world will be announcing measures to meet their Kyoto Protocol commitments on February 16th 2005, the day the Protocol becomes international law.

Canada needs to act now and follow through on its promises to meet our Kyoto commitments. February 16th is fast approaching and your MP needs to know how you feel.

Write, fax, email and call your MP and ask them to act now on Kyoto. See our action site for details on your local MP and ideas on what to say in your letter, email, fax or phone call:

Health and Environment

Register your views on CEPA with Environment Canada and Health Canada

The 5-year review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is in its early stage. Environment Canada and Health Canada have created a document entitled, „SCOPING THE ISSUES: Preparation for the Parliamentary Review of the CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT, 1999‰. It allows for Canadians to provide insight into whether they believe that CEPA is functioning, and where it needs to improve to protect the environment and human health. It is our chance to register the major concerns with the implementation and spirit of the Act.

Sierra Club of Canada Foundation

Foundation Website

Sierra Club of Canada Foundation is working on developing its very own web presence, in the form of a section on the Sierra Club of Canada main website. The section will include information about the foundation, how it supports SCC, how to make a tax-receiptable donation, planned giving, events, and lots more useful information. We'll be sure to keep you informed when the new section goes live!

In addition, the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation will be publishing its first ever annual report this spring. We will announce it in the Green Gazette when it has been published, at which point, feel free to request a copy! info:




Highway Through Wilderness Coastline Planned

The New Brunswick government is putting the Fundy Trail on the fast track.This is the proposed highway which will destroy the last wilderness coast line south of the St.Lawrence. More info:

Forestry Policy Hearings

The PEI forestry division has released a Discussion Paper and review process for creating a new forest policy for PEI. ECOPEI is spearheading a process to get lots of supporters of natural selection forestry- this is an incredible opportunity to influence forest policy and make Prince Edward Island a leader in forest stewardship. Policy Hearings are now taking place and SCC ACC Ex Comm Member Tony Reddin will be making a presentation for SCC ACC on Feb 15th. The discussion paper is aptly subtitled 'Creating a Vision for the Future'. It is available by calling 902-368-4700 or on the web site: The Public Forest Council can be reached at

PEI Considering Going GMO-Free!

The Standing Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment is seeking public input on the question of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and will report back to the Legislative Assembly in the spring of 2005. The Sierra Club of Canada is joining with other Canadian environmental groups to organize and encourage public input.
Send written submissions no later than Feb 15, 2005:
Fax (902) 368-5175
Call (902) 368-5972 if you want to make a presentation.

Hazelbrook, PEI Dump Burning

In Hazelbrook, PEI, a dump containing construction and demolition debris has been burning for almost a month, blowing smoke that may be extremely dangerous towards neighbouring residences. Community residents have been frustrated by the government&Mac226;s seeming refusal to listen to their concerns, and by a lack of accurate information issued about the chemical composition of the smoke, and the potential health and safety risks. So far no plans have been announced by either the site owner or the Department of the Environment to conduct any tests of the 14 monitor wells in and around the site for possible contamination. Residents have issued an appeal of the Judicial Review challenging the issuance of the permit to operate the site and are awaiting a decision.



Green Homes in Toronto - Wilson Natural Home

The Sierra Club of Canada-Ontario Chapter is pleased to be present a day of sessions about green homes.
Sat, Feb 12 2005 10:30am to 4:30pm
Location: 55 John Street, Metro Hall, Meeting Room 303 Toronto
Contact: Michelle Ph 416-960-9606
More about the Wilson Natural Home:

Car Free Day Planning Meeting

The Car Free Day Volunteer Team will be holding a meeting to begin plans for 2005's Car Free Day events.
All welcome.
Wed, Feb 16 2005 6:30 pm
Location: Sierra Club of Canada Office - 24 Mercer Street (Between John & Peter S. of King) Toronto
Contact: Jamie Kirkpatrick Ph 416-960-9606

Cross-country skiing and snowshoe trip

Come enjoy a day outdoors and meet some fellow environmentalists!
Sat, Feb 19 2005 Day trip
Location: Hardwood Hills (just north of Barrie) Barrie
Contact: Paula Boutis Ph 416-862-4829



Help Wanted--Volunteer Executive Committee Members    

Take your love of the environment to the next step! We're looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer board members to help us guide our chapter. If you can contribute one evening a month and have skills or contacts in communications, strategic planning, special event planning or fundraising, call or e-mail Sonja Mihelcic Tel: 780.439.1160 to find out more about whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you.


The Sierra Club of Canada &Mac246; Prairie Chapter will be engaging numerous community groups in February and March to increase our profile and expand knowledge of environmental concerns. Outreach volunteers will be participating in the University of Alberta's International Week NGO fair, the Earth Justice Fair, in cooperation with Oxfam and other local grassroots groups, and Grant MacEwan Community College's Global Citizen Day. In addition, the Prairie Chapter has been invited to present to a local senior citizens group, SALT, and the Alberta Native Plant Council to discuss our Pesticide Free Yards campaign and gathering support for a pesticide phase-out bylaw for the Edmonton regional municipality.

Grassroots Gatherings

As part of our mission to develop a diverse, well-trained grassroots network working to protect the integrity of our global ecosystems, our monthly Grassroots Gatherings are designed to inform, educate and build networks among our volunteers and members. All of our monthly meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Edmonton International Hostel near Whyte Avenue (10647 &Mac246; 81Ave) starting at 7:00pm.

February 23rd Prairie Express: the future of high speed rail service in Alberta

Join us as Cam Wakefield explores the concept of high speed transit in Alberta and the feasibility of an Edmonton-Calgary high speed train. The ecological and human health impacts of the transportation sector will be discussed in addition to sustainable alternatives for both individuals and municipalities.

March 23rd Compost Tea

Solutions to the organic waste problem abound and this weeks gathering explores the exciting world of compost tea. Brewed compost tea is a concentrated liquid form of compost 'brewed' to increase the numbers of beneficial organisms in soil. When sprayed on your plants, lawns or soil, it provides a safe, organic approach to plant and soil care. Tim Penstone of Voices of the Soil will facilitate this exciting workshop.



RAW LOGS, RAW DEAL: How the B.C. government is selling out British Columbia's Forest Communities

When: February 3, 7pm-9pm
Where: Duncan, BC,
Venue: Silver Bridge Travelodge
FREE ADMISSION! Featuring a screening of "Exporting Jobs," a Council of Canadians film directed by Ernie Tomlinson and produced by Jack Moss.



Winter Youth Action Gathering

SYC invites high school aged youth (14-19 yrs old) from the Ottawa/Gatineau and outlying regions to attend its first ever Winter Youth Action Gathering to be
held from February 25-27th, 2005 at Camp Notre Dame la Rouge near Calumet in Quebec's Outaouais region (1 hr from Ottawa).

The gathering consists of workshops and presentations on a variety of issues including Native Rights, Fair Trade, Biotechnology and Concentration of Media, as well as skills trainings in areas such as facilitation, consensus decision making and effective outreach. Participants can expect stimulating discussion, late night jams, snowy adventures and delicious food shared with like minded youth from throughout the region. The gathering is a part of SYC's larger Community Youth Action Project which aims to provide high school aged youth with the tools they need to actively engage within their schools and or communities. To apply or to obtain more information please contact Tim at or phone 613-241-1615.

Rassemblement Action Jeunesse d'Hiver

La Coalition Jeunesse Sierra invite tout jeune provenant d'Ottawa/Gatineau et les environs à participer à son tout premier Rassemblement Action Jeunesse d'Hiver ayant lieu du 25 au 27 février, 2005 au Camp Notre Dame la Rouge près de Calumet en Outaouais. On peut s'attendre à une fin de semaine remplie d'ateliers, présentations et formations sur des sujets aussi divers que les droits autochtones, le libre échange, la biotechnologie, les médias, l'animation de groupe et la pub efficace. On peut aussi compter sur des discussions stimulantes, des soirées remplis de musiques, des jeux dans la neige et de la bonne bouffe, tout en compagnie d'autres jeunes provenant des divers coins de la grande région d'Ottawa/Gatineau et ses environs. Ce rassemblement est organisé dans le cadre du project Action Communautaire Jeunesse qui vise à fournir aux jeunes les outils dont ils ont besoin pour s'impliquer activement dans leurs écoles et/ou communautés respectives. Pour plus d'informations ou pour soummettre son application veuillez écrire à ou téléphoner le 613-241-1615.

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