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SCC Green Gazette

May 2005

Sierra Club of Canada's monthly news update from the National Office,
Chapters and Groups

National Office
Atlantic Canada Chapter
Section régionale Québec Chapter
Ontario Chapter
Prairie Chapter

BC Chapter
Sierra Youth Coalition

Bob Hunter Remembered

Bob Hunter founder of Greenpeace, journalist, author, and supporter of Sierra Club of Canada passed away May 2nd 2005 ending is fight with cancer. This a great loss to our movement and to me (John Bennett) personally. Below is a letter I wrote to the Globe and Mail last fall.

Dear Editor,

I really appreciated John Barber's piece on Greenpeace founder Bob Hunter's lecture at Innis College Tuesday night. But, for me Mr. Hunter isn't the icon who started the world largest and best known environmental organization, the author of a dozen books or even the CITY ecology reporter. He's not the eco-hero who looked in the eye of Russian harpooner and didn't blink. He's not the man who stood resolute in front of a sealing ship on shifting ice flow.

I walked into another university lecture hall in 1975 not knowing anything about the environment nor had I heard the word ecology. I sat down that night with no purpose in life, no chosen career. Then Bob Hunter started to speak ninety minutes later all that had changed. What has followed has been a lifetime of fighting to protect this planet from the excesses of human greed and ignorance.

When I sat in the gallery two years ago while Members of Parliament voted for the Kyoto Protocol I was thinking of that night. In fact not a day goes by that I am not reminded of that night. Now that was a mind bomb.

On Tuesday night at the reception following the talk a young student approached Bob to shake his hand. I saw the look in her eye. He had done it again. It is not often that a Canadian can make such a tremendous contribution to the world.

John Bennett

Support SCC

Support Sierra Club of Canada online

You can make a donation to the Sierra Club of Canada through our secure website. You can target your donation to our national work, to a specific chapter or to the Sierra Youth Coalition.



You have a voice!

Are you currently a member of the Sierra Club of Canada? Then we need to hear from you. You will soon receive an SCC Election Ballot and a Membership Survey - both of which we encourage you to fill out and return to us.

The SCC Election Ballot enables you to vote for new members of the national Sierra Club of Canada Board of Directors.

Each elected Director will serve in this capacity for three years, and will play an important part in setting directions and meeting the goals of the Club.

The Membership Survey will provide information that will help us to make important strategic decisions on things such as membership benefits, communications, conservation policies and campaign choices.

Hard copy and French language versions of both the Ballot and the Membership Survey will be available. We look forward to your participation!

Volunteer and Staff Awards

As advertised in SCAN, SCC National Office has made a call for award nominations for volunteers and staff. For those intending to nominate someone please note that the following is required although not listed in the February issue of SCAN

A note to nominators:

Any proposed award recipient must be a Sierra Club of Canada member. The nomination should include a supporting statement of no more than one page setting out the achievements of your nominee in relation to the award category for which you are nominating them. Feel free to attach any news clippings, if relevant.

The deadline to submit nominations to the Awards Committee is May 13th, 2005. The awards will be given out at the AGM to be held in Nova Scotia this July.

Nominations should be faxed or emailed to the chair of the Awards Committee c/o Debra Eindiguer ( or by fax: 613.241.2292). Nominations can also be mailed to National Office (412-1 Nicholas St., Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7).

Elizabeth May Speaks.....

"At the Cutting Edge" Cross-Canada Tour

At the Cutting Edge Book Tour with Elizabeth May
New and Revised Edition now Available in Stores across Canada with forward by Farley Mowat!

With the purpose of drawing attention to the opportunities and threats facing forest ecosystems in Canada, the Sierra Club of Canada is planning a cross-Canada book tour promoting the release of the revised, updated and expanded edition of "At the Cutting Edge: The Crisis in Canada's Forests", by Elizabeth May.

The book tour will include many public speaking events, media opportunities, book signings and events at book stores as well as meetings with those responsible for regulating logging in Canada's forests.

In addition Sierra Club of Canada National Forest Campaigner Rachel Plotkin and grassroots organizer Lindsay Telfer are offering a workshop called "Strengthening the Roots" an Activist Training Series for local groups. The training is aimed to help identify new strategies to make sure campaigns are as effective as they can be and additionally to reconnect local activists with the inspiring vision that drives your work

If you're interested in learning more about these opportunities contact or visit

International Conference: Rethinking Development; Local Pathways to Global Well-Being

St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada June 20-24, 2005
Conference Presenters Include:
Maurice Strong, Jigmi Thinley, Ray Anderson, Sakyoug Mipham Rinpoche, Ela Bhatt, Mathis Wackernagel, Dr. Marilyn Waring,
Farouk Jiwa, Dr. John Helliwell, John Taylor Gatto, Elizabeth Beale, Holly Dressel, Raffi, Elizabeth May, Cindy Blackstock, Danny Graham
Conference and workshop space is limited by facilities.
Register early to reserve your space online at:

Sign up for Action Alerts!

The purpose of the list is to broadcast Sierra Club of Canada national environmental campaign information, such as campaign updates, alerts and press releases to members and friends of the Sierra Club of Canada.
Anyone may subscribe to this list and receive messages, but only the editors of this list may post messages.

To subscribe and unsubscribe:

Forest and Biodiversity

Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Campaign: eyes on the ground

The Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Campaign has enlisted the aid of our friends in communities across the province to keep us up-to-date on industrial forest practices. Our "Community Monitoring of Forest Practices" section photo-documents activities on the landscape that are a direct result of forest harvesting practices. Check out forestry monitoring section and the rest of the new and improved Newfoundland and Labrador website:

Progress being made on appeals of CSA forestry certifications

Last fall the Sierra Club of Canada, together with the National Aboriginal Forestry Association, launched simultaneous appeals of eleven forestry operations certified to the Canadian Standards Association's Sustainable Forest Management standard. We've now received reports on two of those appeals from the auditor, KPMG. These appeals were filed against Canfor operations in Alberta and B.C. KPMG reasoned that its original certification decisions were valid; however it slapped a Corrective Action Request with regard to Canfor's logging in the critical habitat of the endangered Little Smoky caribou herd. Canfor then announced that it would defer all logging and road building in the area until a recovery plan is completed. We judge this a partial but significant success towards our goal of improving on-the-ground forestry practices across the country. Nine additional certifications, from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, Alberta ! and B. C., are still being investigated by the auditor, QMI. For more information on our appeals, visit:

Bighorn Country Gets Respite from Industrial Tourism

Bighorn Country recently got a hard won respite from industrial-style tourism when the land reservation for the controversial Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort was cancelled by the Alberta Forest Service. The site is located 37 km from Banff National Park in the core of Bighorn Country, SCC's proposed Wildland Park and conservation area. Last year, the County of Clearwater decided against issuing a development permit. The proponent then lost his bid to have the Alberta courts overturn the County's decision. The public lands where the massive four-season resort was proposed are now off-limits to all development until the County has completed a concept plan for the site, specifying what amount and type of development is appropriate.

Alberta Environment Minister Issues Decision on Cheviot Appeal
Federal Court Hearing in June

The Alberta Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) did not recommend revoking the approval for the first phase of the changed Cheviot mine project, a haulroad development. That was highly remote as they have never made such a recommendation and the haulroad was completed months before the Board heard the appeal. However, given the limitations the province has set for the EAB, the conservation coalition feels the Board's decision and the Environment Minister's implementation of their recommendations have vindicated the conservation position.

It is now very clear that this is a different mine project from that reviewed in 1997 and 2000, and an environmental impact assessment of those modifications has not been done. The decision also emphasized the serious threat that the haulroad poses for the survival of the grizzly bear population, a threatened species. The EAB does not have the authority to require an assessment, but some more conditions have now been added to the provincial approval. The federal court case on the failure of the federal government to undertake an assessment will be heard in Edmonton, June 14-15.
For more & link to decision click Updates on

Conservationists Warn Situation Critical for Caribou Across Canada
Joint Initiative Will Take "Caribou Nation" to Thousands of Canadians

Thursday, April 28, 2005--Winnipeg, MN--At a national meeting on woodland caribou recovery ForestEthics, the Sierra Club of Canada and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee released a new educational report - "Caribou Nation " - documenting the urgent situation facing this Canadian icon. Caribou have been wiped out of PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and populations are declining in every Canadian province . Scientists are warning that some southern herds could disappear in as little as ten years. Federal and provincial government efforts to recover caribou have thus far proven ineffective.

Development Threatens Caribou Recovery

Thursday, April 7, 2005--Corner Brook--The findings of the Sierra Club of Canada's review of Labrador's Recovery Strategy for Three Woodland Caribou Herds are especially timely in Labrador. Premier Williams is currently reviewing proposals for development of the Lower Churchill.

Alberta Draft Recovery Plan a Green Stamp for Further Caribou Decline

Tuesday, April 19, 2005--Ottawa--Alberta stands poised to shirk its responsibility to take immediate action to protect woodland caribou, opting instead to protect industry while long-term plans are developed, says the Sierra Club of Canada. The Sierra Club released an evaluation of Alberta's draft recovery plan for woodland caribou.

Atmosphere and Energy

Mackenzie WILD launched

The Mackenzie WILD campaign opposing the Mackenzie Gas Project and the tar sands mines that it fuels was launched at separate events in Ottawa and Yellowknife during the last week of April. Elizabeth May and Stephen Hazell presented a copy of the Mackenzie WILD Declaration to the Prime Minister's Office and to Michael Miltenberger, the NWT Minister of Environment and Natural Resources. The Mackenzie WILD Declaration urges governments to support Canada's commitments to protect the global atmosphere; protect the biodiversity and ecology of the Mackenzie Valley; ensure sustainable, healthy Mackenzie Valley communities; and respect the rights of Mackenzie Valley Indigenous People. Northern and national groups including Ecology North, Arctic Indigenous Youth Alliance, Council of Canadians and Sierra Youth Coalition have also signed on to the Declaration.

Possibly by coincidence, Imperial Oil announced on April 29 that it is halting engineering work on the Mackenzie pipelines (but not on its regulatory applications and the environmental assessment). Read more about the Mackenzie WILD campaign at

Imperial Oil's Regulatory Delay Claim is Nonsense

Friday, April 29, 2005--Ottawa--Imperial Oil's claim that regulatory delays are holding up approval of the Mackenzie Gas Project is nonsense says Sierra Club of Canada (SCC). "Remember that Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil filed their application to build the Mackenzie Gas project less than seven months ago in October 2005÷so where are these so-called regulatory delays?" asked Elizabeth May, SCC's executive director.

Sierra Club of Canada congratulates federal government on new car deal

Tuesday, April 5, 2005--Ottawa--The Sierra Club of Canada congratulates the government of Canada on wrestling the automotive industry to the bargaining table and producing an agreement on greenhouse gases. This is a great accomplishment as long as the government is prepared to back it up with regulation should the industry fail to meet its annual targets.

Canadian Government Deaf to Seismic Science

Monday, April 18, 2005--VICTORIA--The federal government's draft regulations for seismic testing fall short of addressing negative impacts on the marine environment, according to Oil Free Coast, a national coalition of scientists, environmental groups and fisheries organizations.

Ottawa Reneges on Promise to Protect Marine Environment

Tuesday, April 26, 2005--(Nova Scotia-Ottawa)--The Sierra Club of Canada has urged Environment Minister Stéphane Dion to ensure requirements for a Comprehensive Study (CS) on drilling are maintained for the first exploratory drilling project in an offshore area.

North American Oil Addicts to Get Help

Friday, April 22, 2005--Ottawa--The United States and Canada are so badly addicted to fossil fuels that Sierra Club of Canada is launching a new intervention on Earth Day 2005 to help them kick the habit. "The Mackenzie WILD project says that North Americans should just say Îno' to their fossil fuel addiction, especially tar sands oil, its most dangerous form" said Elizabeth May, executive director of Sierra Club of Canada.

Urgent Action on Climate Change Needed, Groups Tell Leaders

Wednesday, April 27, 2005--Ottawa--The Sierra Club of Canada has joined with 35 environmental, labour and green industry associations to urge that all parties put aside their differences long enough to ensure that measures necessary for implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, introduced in the February budget, are approved by Parliament without delay. Concerned that an election will be called before the recently announced federal measures can get underway, the groups have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Martin, Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton.

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation, Sierra Club of Canada and Greenpeace ask federal Environment Minister to order environmental assessment of Deep Well project

Wednesday--April 13, 2005--LITTLE BUFFALO, ALBERTA - Lubicon Lake Indian Nation Chief Bernard Ominayak, along with Sierra Club of Canada Executive Director Elizabeth May and Greenpeace Executive Director Bruce Cox are asking Canadian Environment Minister Stephane Dion to order a federal panel review of Deep Well Oil and Gas' Sawn Lake oil sands project under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Deep Well Oil and Gas, Surge Global Energy, Welwyn Resources and Paradigm Oil and Gas plan to begin a massive oil sands project in the heart of Lubicon Traditional Territory in the next few months.

Health and Environment

Continue to push for 2,4-D to be deregistered for lawn and turf!

The deadline to register your views on the proposed re-evaluation decision by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency was April 22, 2005.

However, the Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh still needs to hear from Canadians that lawn and garden pesticides, including 2,4-D, are not necessary and are putting our health and the environment at risk.

Write Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh today (no postage required)!

House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

For a sample letter see our action alert page:

Show your commitment to a pesticide-free lawn!

Put up a "No Pesticides" lawn sign in your front yard and commit to a pesticide-free community

Green lettering on yellow corrugated recyclable plastic 12x10 inches
$5 plus $1.60 postage and handling ($3 each for 10 or more, plus postage and handling)

Call 1-888-810-4204 or email

National Victory: Sydney Tar Ponds Full Panel Review

May 2nd 2005--Sydney--The Honourable Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment, announced that he is referring the Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Sites Remediation Project to a review panel.
To view the press release from the government on this announcement see:

Sierra Club of Canada Foundation

Monthly Donations - Why are they so Effective?

Monthly donors show their commitment to protecting our environment by contributing to Sierra Club of Canada Foundation every month. Monthly donations help us considerably when it comes to financial planning for our important grassroots charitable programs. They let us know that we can count on resources coming in every month.

The monthly donor program also allows our supporters to make substantial contributions throughout the year - smaller monthly gifts are not missed as much, but they add up to big annual contributions over the year. And monthly donors receive one cumulative tax receipt early in each new year, with plenty of time to file your tax return.

You can make monthly contributions as low as $5 per month, and you may increase, decrease, pause or stop your donations at any time.

Please join our monthly giving program today and support the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation. For more information or to sign up, please call Sara at 1-888-810-4204 or email her at

Garage Sale for SCC Foundation

Looking for a deal? Go to a Multi House Garage Sale in Aurora, Ontario on Saturday, May 7th.

At the Zwiers' house, the profits will be donated to Sierra Club of Canada Foundation. Go and support a good cause!

121 Rush Road, Aurora, Ontario

Not in Aurora? Have your own garage sale for the environment! For how-to tips, please call Sara Krynitzki, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation 1-888-810-4202




2005 Annual General Assembly

Make plans to attend the 2005 SCC-ACC Annual General Assembly, this year being held Saturday, July 16th to Sunday, July 17th at Windhorse Farm, Bridgewater, NS (starting at 9:30am on Saturday and finishing at 3:30pm on Sunday). Workshops, panel discussions, forest and garden tours, strategy sessions and training sessions - and of course, good food and lots of fun! Mark your calendars and watch for more information!
Contact: <> Phone: 902-444-3113 Fax: 902-444-3116

Mud Creek Group Potluck Outing

On Sunday May 15th, 3-7:00 p.m., SCC members and friends of the Wolfville area (and those passing through) are invited to join the Mud Creek group for a tour of an organic farm, Angelhoeve Farm, by owners Angela Patterson and Ron Titus, and a tour of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woodlot sustainably managed by well-known local forester and conservation advocate Lance Bishop, followed by a Potluck Supper. There will be an opportunity to purchase organic eggs and pork. Please bring a potluck dish and warm hiking gear.
RSVP to Janet Eaton:

Point Lepreau Refurbishment - Please Call Andy Scott and Your MP

Nuclear energy is NOT safe, cheap or environmentally friendly. The New Brunswick government needs to hear that we do not want public funds spent on the refurbishment of an aging nuclear plant, Point Lepreau and that the public wants to see those funds invested instead into sustainable, green energy.
The future of New Brunswick's health and environment is at stake.
For more information visit
Or just write or call: Andy Scott, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
local office email: <>
Ottawa office email: <>
Tel/Téél : (613) 992-1067
Fax/Téélec : (613) 996-9955
61, rue Carleton St, Suite 100, Fredericton, NB E3B 3T2

Trapping Regulations in NS

With the public outcry after quite a few dogs - some of which were wearing leashes - had been killed in traps over the past year, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) which regulates trappers is still reviewing its regulations. It is exceedingly important now to tell DNR Minister Hurlburt to revise these regulations so this will no longer occur. All users of the forests, rivers, lakes and marshes and other natural areas, on both private and public land, have a right to safely visit them without fear of their companion animals being horrifically killed. Users are not only all Nova Scotians, but also the many thousands of tourists who visit us annually with their companion animals. Tell the Department of Natural Resources they must make trappers and their associations responsible for their activities, so they do not harm the general public.
Phone or write: Honourable Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Natural Resources
P.O Box 698, Halifax, NS B3J 2T9
Phone: (902) 424-4037/ Fax: (902) 424-0594
Be sure to cc Premier Hamm ( and your MLA



Chers membres,

Voici une pétition écrite par un groupe de citoyens de Lévis, Québec. Je vous encourage à signer cette pétition en allant sur le site web dont l’adresse est à la fin de la lettre. Le nouveau groupe de Québec investira plus de temps dans cette campagne aprè s la sortie des études d’impact.


Les promoteurs de Rabaska, projet d’un terminal d’importation de gaz naturel liquéfié (GNL), s’acharnent à vouloir s’implanter dans la région de Lévis Est, malgré l’opposition du milieu :

- Résolution du Conseil de Ville de Lévis qui rejette le projet de Lévis à 12 conseillers contre 3 : Annulée le 29 mars 05 par une autre résolution co-écrite avec le promoteur de rabaska selon l’aveu mme du maire Jean Garon.

- Résolution unanime du Conseil municipal de St-Laurent, ële d’Orléans, qui s’oppose à Rabaska.

- Résolution unanime du conseil municipal de Beaumont suite à un référendum où 72% de la population a rejeté ce projet.

Malgré le refus social de ce projet, le consortium formé par Gaz Métro, Enbridge et Gaz de France, sous la férule de Monsieur Glenn Kelly directeur du projet Rabaska, fait une promotion à grands frais publicitaires, sondage, offres d’emplois virtuels, etc.

L’Opposition citoyenne s’oppose à Rabaska pour plusieurs raisons dont voici les principales :

- Rabaska, s’il se réalisait, viendrait compromettre la sécurité des personnes résidant à proximité ;

- Rabaska modifierait significativement le caractè re résidentiel, agricole et récréo-touristique de la bordure fluviale de l’extrémité est de Lévis situé face à St-Laurent, ële D’Orléans.

Le projet encourage une plus grande consommation de gaz naturel, carburant fossile non renouvelable. Il limite la rentabilité des projets d’efficacité énergétique et le développement de nouvelles sources d’énergies renouvelables. Enfin, Rabaska va directement à l’encontre du Protocole de Kyoto et des objectifs de développement durable que le Québec s’est récemment donné.

Tous les opposants au projet Rabaska vous remercient de votre appui et demeurent solidaires d’un Québec où un véritable développement durable et viable pourra se concrétiser.

Nous vous invitons aussi à visiter les sites web suivant ainsi qu’à signer les pétitions en ligne :

À surveiller : le nouveau groupe d'opposants APPEL aura aussi son site sur le net d'ici quelques semaines. : en attendant, vos questions ou commentaires sont les bienvenus.



Report Advocates Nuclear Mistake

Wednesday, April 27, 2005--Toronto--The Ontario Ministry of Energy's report, "Cost Benefit Analysis: Replacing Ontario's Coal-Fired Electricity Generation" provides a false and misleading assessment of the cost of electricity generation in Ontario. It should not be used to justify wasting billions refurbishing Ontario's aged and broken down nuclear reactors.

Ottawa Local Group Executive Committee Meeting

Mon, May 9 2005
7:00 pm

1 Nicholas Ave, Suite # 412 Ottawa

Daniel Van Vliet

Discussion: "Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the way we make things"

Mon, May 9 2005
7:00 pm

C'est What - 67 Front St E, (at Church) Toronto



Interested in discussing various environmental issues in a smaller group? Come out to one of the EcoCertification Discussion Group meetings!
This is the first of 2 discussions about the book "Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the way we make things" by William McDonough & Michael Braungart

Carp River Hike

Sun, May 15 2005
10 am to 2 pm


The Sierra Club of Canada Ottawa Group is hosting a "Carp River Hike" in collaboration with the Friends of the Carp River and the Ottawa Riverkeeper.

Ottawa Local Group Executive Committee Meeting

Mon, Jun 13 2005
7:00 pm

1 Nicholas Ave, Suite # 412 Ottawa

Daniel Van Vliet



Chinook Group

Calgary Folk Festival (75% full already!!)

It's that time of year again. Volunteer at the Folk Festival. If you are interested, consider this your invite to RSVP and book your spot on the ticket list.


Future Vision - Sierra Club Chinook


Where: Possibly the Old Y Building
When: Monday May 16, 2005
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Who: We are looking for a number of members and volunteers to come together and help us plan for the future. New members, long time members, active volunteers, just curious about the Sierra Club, you are all welcome, previous volunteer experience NOT required. We need input from a broad cross section of people who have shown interest in the Chinook Group, so we can serve you all better. If you are interested in helping us shape the future of the Chinook Group, please contact ASAP!!!


Mayor's Environment Expo


Where: Calgary City Hall
When: Tuesday June 7 - Thursday June 9
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Who: The Expo provides a unique educational and interactive opportunity to learn more about environmental issues and initiatives by The City of Calgary and local organizations. The theme for the 2005 Mayor's Expo is Step Up to Green! This refers to the community's "Ecological Footprint," as well as to the ability for the community to take incremental steps towards an environmentally "greener" Calgary. Contact

SGI Earth Day & Earth Charter

Where: SGI Canada Calgary Community Centre
1819 10th Ave. S.W.
When: Sunday May 242 2005
Time: 1:00 pm -4:00 pm
Who: SGI Calgary is hosting a celebration of Earth Day, when the weather is nice enough to be outside. Learn about SGI, the Earth Charter, and have some fun enjoying a better late than never Earth Day celebration. Visit SGI for more information about the organization and the Earth Charter. If planning on attending please bring a non-perishable (or a shopping cart full!) food item for the food bank.

International Migratory Bird Day

Where: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
When: Sunday May 8, 2005
Time: 1:00 pm -4:30 pm
Who: Again this spring, millions of birds will return to Alberta from their wintering grounds in Latin America and the Caribbean. On May 8, 2005 please join us at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary to welcome back these feathered friends and celebrate their epic journey. This year's theme focuses on the threats to birds from collisions. Cell towers, wind turbines, plate glass windows, power lines, and other human-made structures contribute to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds each year.

Lilac Festival

Where: Mission (4th St. S.W. near 17th Ave)
When: Sunday May 29th, 2005
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Who: Last year an estimated 100,000 Calgarians participated in this fabulous one-day festival. They enjoyed the wide array of entertainers that were featured on stages and entertainment zones along 4th Street in the heart of Mission. In addition, they had an opportunity to shop at over 400 craft, food and entertainment vendors along the 13 blocks of the festival. With something for almost everyone to see and do, we had participants dancing in the streets to the smooth sounds and scrumptious tastes.



Wade Davis and Friends: A slideshow and talk

When: May 9
Where: Victoria, BC,
Venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora
Vote Environment presents a slideshow and talk on B.C.'s wild Stikine region by renowned ethnobotanist, anthropologist and photographer Wade Davis. The event is May 9 at Victoria's Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora).

All-Candidate Forum: The Environment and Your Health (Victoria Hillside, Saanich South, Oak Bay-Gordon Head)

Vote Environment presents an all-candidate forum on two values that matter to British Columbians: environment and health. Come out and meet your local candidates. This is your chance to ask them where they stand on the issues, and find out what their vision for B.C.'s future looks like.
For details on each event see:

Government Inaction Threatens Great Bear Rainforest Agreement
Annual Environmental Report Card Released

Apr 28, 2005 VANCOUVER - ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and Sierra Club of Canada's BC Chapter released their annual report card on the Great Bear Rainforest. The groups awarded dismal grades to the B.C. government and logging companies for not finalizing and implementing the consensus solutions package for the region, forged by First Nations and multiple stakeholders.

All Candidates Debate Guide now available

If you're interested in hosting your own all-candidates forum, check out the All-Candidates Debate Guide



"Be Heard, Learn How"

The Sierra Youth Coalition invites you to attend a Youth Action Gathering (YAG). YAGs are weeklong camps for high school aged youth (14-19 yrs). Attend interactive workshops on issues such as sweatshops, factory farms, racism, homophobia, climate change and globalization. Enjoy good food, campfires, late night jams, funky art and crazy games. Meet youth from throughout your region and learn to organize within your respective community. Sound like your type of thing?

This year YAGs will take place in :

Cedar, B.C. -- August 7-13 at "Wildwood" eco-forestry operation

Ottawa, ON (urban) -- August 13-19 at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre

Ottawa, ON (rural) -- August 22-28 at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre

Southeastern N.B. -- August 18-27. This will be a mobile gathering, where youth will bicycle to several locations and learn about local issues through hands on experiences.

Contact: Tim Murphy
Telephone: 1-888-790-&7393

Building Capacity in Our Community Training Retreat

Friday June 3rd to Sunday June 5th, 2005
In conjunction with the Alberta Environment Network's Annual General Assembly

The Alberta Environment Network brings together diverse organisations and compassionate individuals working to improve the integrity of local and global ecosystems. The AEN and Sierra Club of Canada's mission statements are aligned in the value placed on building capacity in others. The goal of the Sierra Club Training Academy, a comprehensive training program, is to provide in depth instruction on grassroots organising techniques and improve the leadership skills of all participants, regardless of experience level. Effective organising means crafting a message the public will be attracted to, identifying policy oriented targets, setting goals and agreeing on tactics, as well as creatively and collectively joining these components into an effective campaign strategy.

Location: The Bennett Environmental Education Centre
9703-94 st, Edmonton, AB

Contact: Geneva Rae
Phone: 780-439-1160
Fax: 780-437-3932

SCC GREEN GAZETTE is a monthly electronic publication of Sierra Club of Canada. Thank you to all contributors to this publication.  

For information or comments, to subscribe or unsubscribe, please
contact:  Andrew Dumbrille, Communications Coordinator,

Sierra Club of Canada National Office