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Global March for the Climate

What: Montreal 2005 Global Climate March

Who: All citizens, young and old, of Quebec and the world, who are concerned with their future and the future of the planet.

When: Saturday, December 3, 2005, 12:00 Noon.

Where: Join us at one of the two following rendezvous points: 1. Square Dorchester (corner of Peel and RenÈ-LÈvesque) 2. Papineau Metro Station exit

How: The March will take place in a festive, family and peaceful spirit.

Purpose: To send a clear message to decision-makers attending the Montreal 2005: United Nations Climate Change Conference. Rally your family and friends and come out and WALK FOR THE CLIMATE!

If you can't be in Montreal, check out the Ontario and Atlantic Canada Chapter sections for information on marches in Halifax and Toronto!

National Office

2005 Lifetime Achievement Awards

On November 21st, Sierra Club of Canada gave its 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award to Senator Mira Spivak. Canada's Ambassador for the Environment, Karen Kraft Sloan presented the award to Senator Spivak (see photo). We celebrated Elizabeth May's appointment as and Officer of the Order of Canada. We also recognized the Right Hon. Paul Martin for his work to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Despite a vote in the House in the middle of the event, Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party, Peter McKay, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, Environment Minister Hon. StÈphane Dion, former Environment Minister and 2004 recipient of Sierra Club of Canada's Environmental Achievement Award Hon. David Anderson, and Environment Critic Nathan Cullen, were all in attendance.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, your presence made it a great success!

And the winner is! 

The MUCHMEMBERS 2005 membership contest closed on October 31 with a grand total of 354 new members recruited.  Congratulations and thank you to all chapters, groups, members and friends who helped to make the MUCHMEMBERS contest such a success this year.  We are sure you will benefit from the addition of new members to your chapter or group.

The Malaspina Group, which is part of our British Columbia Chapter, won for the most members recruited (40) and also for the highest percentage increase in new members (138%).  They will share $3500 in cash prizes with the BC Chapter, and we congratulate them on their efforts.

A complete list of results is below. 



New Members


% increase

Cape Breton










Coast Mountain





Haida Gwaii





Lower Mainland










Mud Creek




















Ron Burchell




















Calendars Now Available

Sierra Club 2006 Wilderness Wall Calendars and Engagement Calendars are now available through your chapter office. They make a great Christmas gift while supporting your chapter. Please contact your chapter for more information. The Sierra Club of Canada National Office has a limited supply of Sierra Club 2006 Engagement Calendars. 

Order by calling 1-888-810-4204.

No more subsidies to Big Oil – Election Edition!

Deputy Prime Minister (and Liberal candidate in Edmonton) Anne McLellan has agreed to provide $1.2 billion in additional federal subsidies to construct the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP).  The MGP would provide natural gas to fuel further development of Alberta’s tar sands, which produces the most damaging type of oil for the global atmosphere.

The MGP oil companies led by Imperial Oil are already fabulously profitable (Imperial Oil had over $700 million in profits in the third quarter of 2005).  As well, the oil industry already receives $1.4 billion in government subsidies every year.

Write, email or fax the leaders of all of the four federal political parties (Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe) asking that they commit to cancelling these subsidies to Big Oil if they are elected. Tell them to say no to more subsidies for the Mackenzie Gas Project and yes to investments in energy efficiency and wind and solar power!

Check out for more information. 

People and the Planet 2006 - Volunteers Needed!

SCC’s third People and the Planet conference will be held from June 9 through June 11 2006 in Ottawa, at St. Paul’s University, Ottawa. Please contact Susan Paul if you would like to lend a hand in making the conference a success! (


Read Elizabeth May's daily blog for the impressionistic, emotional and passionate sense of what will be happening in the COP11 negotiations (November 28th - December 9th) over the future of our world.



Join 10,000s of people around the world to bring attention to the United Nations' Climate Change Conference in Montreal. Make some noise and show the Canadian government that we care about the future of our earth! The Raging Grannies, speakers and more fun entertainers will be at the podium making sure our message is heard!  Be sure to write or call Paul Martin as well to let him know you are watching what he does in Montreal ( or 613-941-6900)
On Saturday, Dec. 3rd the March begins 1:00pm at Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden & South Park)

Bring your friends, your umbrellas (and yourself of course!) visit for more information


Want to donate to the Sierra Club of Canada, but don't have the extra cash? You can support the Atlantic Canada Chapter ( every time you make a long distance call, by subscribing to Sierra/Escarpment (S/E) Telecom!   To enroll and start donating to Sierra CC, phone 1-888-815-9068, email, register online at or print off the form below and mail it in to the address at the bottom.

*Please Note Sierra Club of Canada, Atlantic Canada Chapter (SCC-ACC) as the "Partner Charity", or SCCACC doesn't get any proceeds!


The Ongoing Energy Battle: burrowing into the corridors of power

By Tom Hackney, Energy and Climate Change Campaigner

The Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter is continuing its partnership with the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) to participate in the regulatory oversight of BC Hydro’s ongoing electricity plans.

While this may sound undramatic, in fact the BC Chapter now has a significant voice in B.C. electricity planning. Partnered with BCSEA, we bring a professional quality of evidence and legal representation to hearings before the B.C. Utilities Commission.

Case in point: because of our work, BC Hydro has committed to creating a public advisory committee to give input on energy conservation in B.C., to be used in updating Hydro’s 2002 Conservation Potential Review. There is huge potential to avoid environmental harm by saving energy, thus reducing the need to dam rivers and build power plants. This is a significant step toward making the big social shifts needed for real energy efficiency.

To receive the entire article email, Communications Coordinator, Sierra Club of Canada BC Chapter.

The Green Road that Leads to Gold: BC’s Eco-Forestry Standard

By Lisa Matthaus, Coast Campaign Coordinator, and Ana Simeon, Communications Coordinator

Compared to the buzz surrounding the Grey Cup, or even the Christmas election conundrum, last week’s announcement of the accreditation of BC’s eco-forestry standards by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) would seem an also-ran in the public attention stakes. Yet accreditation by the most respected international forest certifying body opens the door to huge business opportunities, portends a radical new way of managing forests, and is a hard-won achievement that every British Columbian should be proud of.

The last couple of years have seen an unprecedented boom in green construction. More than a dozen cities across North America, including Vancouver and Richmond and likely to be followed soon by Victoria, have adopted green building standards for public or municipal buildings. The market for green building products and services nets $ 5.8 billion (U.S.) annually. And this is not including the construction bonanza expected in the run-up to the 2010 Olympics!

To receive the entire article email, Communications Coordinator, Sierra Club of Canada BC Chapter.


Walk Against Global Warming

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005,
Location: Toronto
Contact: Rod Muir, 416-960-9606

Walks in various parts of Canada, to show that we care about global warming and the effect it is having on our planet. If you won't be at the Montreal march, join Toronto's!

EcoCertification Program Team Meeting

Tuesday, December 6 2005 7-9 pm
Location: Duke of Argyle, 86 John St, Toronto
Contact: Michelle, 416-960-9606

This is a monthly meeting for the EcoCertification Program Team, to plan upcoming sessions for the EcoCertification Program (

If you're interested in volunteering for the Sierra Club and/or the EcoCertification Program, please feel free to come to this meeting to learn more.

Ottawa Group Executive Committee Meeting

Monday, December 12th, 2005 at 7:00 pm
Location: 1 Nicholas Ave, Suite #412 Ottawa
Contact: Daniel Van Vliet Email:

Monthly Executive Committee meeting of the Sierra Club of Canada's Ottawa Group.

The Ottawa Group Christmas Party/Potluck will be held on December 20th. Contact Daniel Van Vliet for more details.

6th Annual Bon Kanah of the Algonquin - Winter Outing

Thursday, January 26, 2006 - Long weekend trip
Location: Algonquin Park
Contact: Loretta Allen Phone: 416-960-9606

While Algonquin Park is Canada's most popular canoe trip destination, few people have experienced the stunning beauty of the park in winter. Frozen lakes, waist-deep snow, wildlife tracks, the howl of a wolf and the crisp clear air are just a few of the delights of a winter experience. The 'Bon Kanah' - or special winter trails over land - offer fantastic opportunities for backcountry snowshoeing and skiing.


As we move into the cheery month of December the Prairie chapter is looking forward to enjoying the season with a snowy outing and a festive party.
Will "winter finches" or northern raptors spread across the continent this December? Will snow and ice blanket North America, or will mild conditions prevail until the New Year? Will observers along the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast be able to discover the effects of this summer's hurricanes on their local birds? Tens of thousands of Christmas Bird Count participants will be outside counting birds, from the high Canadian and Alaskan Arctic to southern South America to find out ( 

On Friday December 16, Edmonton Sierra club members, along with the Edmonton Nature club and the Provincial Museum, will be taking part in the annual Christmas Bird Count to add our observations to those taken all across the continent.  
A party to celebrate the past and future successes of the Sierra Club is planned for mid-December.  What better way to build a vision for the future than over wine and cheese while the cold wind blows outside?  The Chinook group will also be holding the 5th annual Christmas potluck on December 10th. 
We may also be able to celebrate the creation of a new provincial park in the coming months. Nestled in the western corner of Alberta, north of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the Castle Crown Wilderness is a critical piece of Rocky Mountain ecosystem consisting of 1040 square kilometres of breathtaking beauty. The wild free country laced together by crystal streams," as the famous mountain man and writer, Andy Russell, penned it into people's hearts.  A bill is currently before the Alberta provincial legislature to establish the Castle wilderness as the Andy Russell - I’tai sah kÚp Wildland Park in memory of Andy and Kay Russell, and in recognition of the Piikani First Nation. (For more info:

The Chinook Group is pleased to partner with Alberta Ecotrust's on their Ecohome. Our goal is to educate Calgarian's on the benefits of healthier homes and yards, which serve to protect people's health and the environment. A trip to the Ecohome is a great opportunity to learn about affordable options in adopting a healthy, responsible lifestyle, with the environment in mind.

The Alberta Ecotrust Ecohome provided a platform for collaboration and partnership between individuals and organizations with diverse mandates. The results are extraordinary.

Designed through a charette process that included experts in architecture, alternative energy, landscaping, building, energy efficiency, building inspection, building trades and sustainability, the Ecohome is an attractive home located in the residential community of Lake Chaparral.

The Ecohome construction effectively achieves an EnerGuide rating of 85, exceeds the requirements of the R2000 Certification and Built GreenT Alberta Gold Standard, and was built at a cost that was less than a 5% increase over the original home model. Any family living in the Ecohome will live well, stay healthier, save money and reduce their ecological footprint.

If the grey skies and biting winds of winter seem are getting you down, remember, its colder here!

Best wishes from the Prairie Chapter.







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