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Ashworth ladies Just-Go-East Travel Blog

Two sisters are on a cross-Canada bike tour that we like to call "Just-Go-East!"  If you have insight on places and people to visit along the way, they are welcoming any suggestions; go to

They are raising funds for Sierra Club of Canada.  Donate online at

Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way on their crazy adventure. 

They will have stories to share in September!


Conference is just around the corner!

The weekend kicks off Friday, June 9th with keynote speaker Maude Barlow, comedian Greg Malone and a not to be missed performance by East Coast singer-songwriter Mary Jane Lamond!

Visit for more information on speakers, workshops, EcoFair, Kids and the Planet and how you can join the fun!


Mackenzie Wild Update

In the Northwest Territories, public hearings for the multi-billion dollar basin-opening Mackenzie Gas Project continue. Rachel Plotkin, Forests and Biodiversity campaign director has joined the team working on the Mackenzie Wild campaign. Sierra Legal Defence Fund lawyer Paul Falvo attended Joint Review Panel hearings on "Conservation Areas and Measures" in Fort Simpson on behalf of Sierra Club of Canada. Next Sierra Club of Canada appearance will be in Hay River in June. Meet Rachel and Paul at the Mackenzie Wild seminar at the People and the Planet Conference -- and join our email list if you want to keep up to date on the campaign:

Let's Keep the BUZZ Going About "An Inconvenient Truth"

“An Inconvenient Truth” -- the new film featuring former US vice-president Al Gore's
tireless work lecturing in town after town and city after city, showing slides in a brave effort to wake people up to the imminent threat posed by the climate crisis.  The documentary is unlike any other film on this subject. It is entertaining, hopeful and profoundly moving.  It is both a very personal story and a hard core science briefing. It is often very funny. As a result, it is likely the best public education tool we have ever had on the threat posed by climate change/global warming.

Please help spread the word.  If it is in a theatre near you, go see it and get your friends to see it.  We need this film to take off—to set records. To do better than “Fahrenheit 911.”  To get people and pundits and mass media marketing people to start asking "why?"

Please send this message on to other lists. We need this film to generate buzz. We need it to be in every theatre. We need Paramount Classics to start throwing money at promotion when they see the public will line up, buy popcorn and sit down to really understand the threat posed by our addiction to fossil fuels.   
“An Inconvenient Truth” opened in Toronto June 2, and in Montreal, Vancouver, and will open in Ottawa June 9th.  Openings in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Victoria will follow on June 16th.

For more details on the film and its release date in your city visit:

Remembrance for the Future: Chernobyl

The worst industrial accident in history occurred on April 26th, 1986.  Reactor number four at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded and released massive amounts of radioactive poisons into the atmosphere, creating radioactive fallout throughout Europe and the rest of the world. 

Twenty years later, the Chernobyl disaster is far from over.  Cancer rates have exploded in the area of the former Soviet Union, and will continue to increase for decades.  More than half of the fallout fell in Western Europe, contributing to a greater death toll in countries outside of the former Soviet Union.  Unfortunately, thanks to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to downplay the horrors of the accident, a great deal of controversy exists around final death toll estimates.  In a press release on a report by WHO, the number of deaths cited is 4,000, whereas the actual report cites 9,000 deaths. 

At a conference held in Kiev in April, which brought together many environmental organizations from around the world, The Other Report on Chernobyl was released.  This report places the global death toll between 30,000 to 60,000.

The conference in Kiev served to draw international attention to the full impacts of Chernobyl, to remind the world that this is an ongoing disaster and that the official UN bodies are in a conflict of interest and are not adequately assessing the full impacts of this disaster.

Read Emilie Moorhouse's op-ed piece.


How to be an Activist Training

Register now for this all day workshop with Elizabeth May and receive a signed copy of her new book – How to Save the World in Your Spare Time.

This workshop is in conjunction with Sierra Club of Canada’s People and the Planet: Changing Values for a Sustainable Future conference ( June 9-11 at Saint Paul University, Ottawa

DATE: Friday, June 9, 2006 
TIME: 9:00am - 4:00pm
FEE: - $70 which includes the workshop, lunch and a signed copy of Elizabeth’s new book!!

To register contact Tania Beriau ( or 1.888.810.4204 or 613.241.4611) Limited registration – first come first serve – max 25 participants.

Friends of Rockwood Park - Public Address

DATE: Monday, June 19, 2006 
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: St. Joachim's Church Hall, Saint John, NB

Elizabeth will be delivering the public address at an event organized by Friends of Rockwood Park, a group fighting to keep the proposed 30 inch export gas pipeline away from the city's neighbourhoods and beloved Rockwood Park. Come learn more about the issue. Elizabeth will also be available to sign copies of How to Save the World in Your Spare Time.

Clearing the Air on Climate Change - A national tour on the Environmental Impacts of a Rapidly Expanding Athabasca Tar Sands

Join Elizabeth May as she addresses the realities and fallacies of this crucially important, national issue, sponsored by various environmental groups across the country, as listed below.

DATE: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: Cinema de Seve, local LB125, 1400 De Maisonneuve W, Concordia University
SPONSORS: Equiterre, Greenpeace and the Summer Program of the Institute in Management and Community Development of Concordia University

DATE: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 
TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: Hotel Fort Garry, 222 Broadway Ave. Winnipeg.
SPONSOR: Manitoba Wildlands

DATE: Thursday, June 22, 2006 
TIME: 7:00pm
SPONSORS: Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG) and Toxics Watch

DATE: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 
TIME: tba
SPONSOR: Saskatchewan Environmental Society

DATE: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 
TIME: tba
SPONSOR: Saskatchewan Environmental Society

For more information contact, Andrew Dumbrille, 613-862-1852

Can't make an event? - Order a copy  of Elizabeth's latest book today!


Yellowknife Membership Drive

Sierra Club of Canada volunteers Kevin Kennedy (left) and Paul Falvo (right) ganged up on unsuspecting Northerners in Yellowknife's first Sierra Club of Canada membership drive. By the end of Earth Week, NWT membership more than doubled!



Become a Word Warrior

We are asking people to please become a Word Warrior and submit Letters to the Editor on environmental issues to the provincial newspaper or to their local newspaper during this provincial election. If you do submit a letter, please cc it to so that we can try and keep track what letters are submitted.
Daily News:
Chronicle Herald:

Come to our Annual General Meeting

Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter and the Nova Scotia Environmental Network's Conference & Annual General Meeting, Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30, 2006. Shire Learning Centre Carlton, Yarmouth County.

Registration is now open on our website.

Take Action! - Public Feedback Requested on White’s Point Quarry and Marine Terminal on Digby Neck

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the White’s Point Quarry & Marine Terminal has been released and we are now in the period of the Public Review which will end on August 4, 2006. If the quarry goes ahead, two million tonnes of aggregate per year will be blasted, crushed and removed from a very fragile peninsula, about 2 kilometres wide.  The area’s very healthy fishing and tourism industries could be severely threatened by the noise, dust and quarry traffic.  This flies in the face of the idea of eco-tourism and environmental protection.  The cumulative effect of the clearly intended, large and long-term operations is a grave concern for the future.  Should this proposed undertaking be given the green light by our two governments, and should the shipments to international destinations get underway, we will have no recourse for appeal when our environment and quality of life are undermined.  You will find more information at and  Please help us stop this
quarry project by sending in your letters and comments to Ms. Debra Myles, Panel Manager before August 4, 2006.

Debra Myles, Panel Manager
White’s Point Quarry & Marine Terminal Project-Joint Review Panel
c/o Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
160 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON,  K1A 0H3
Fax:  613-957-0941


A Quick Action

As many of you will have noticed, the Ontario government recently juggled a few key cabinet positions. Of particular note is Minister Dwight Duncan's move from Finance back to Energy. This mini shuffle gives us more time to ensure our provincial government does not repeat its past nuclear mistakes.

Please take a minute to welcome Minister Duncan back to the Ministry of Energy and urge him to consider a sane electricity future for Ontario through conservation, demand management, and an increase in clean renewable power. Ontario does not need to spend billions on nuclear power ... we can and should fulfill our energy needs without it!!!

For some key facts and arguments visit:
Email Minister Duncan at
or put pen to paper:
Hon. Dwight Duncan
Ministry of Energy
Hearst Block, 4th Floor, 900 Bay St.
Toronto ON  M7A 2E1


2005 Annual Report is Released

What organization is reaching one of out six Canadians? Who emphasizes stargazing alongside vegan cooking and lobbying the prime minister?  Now that the Sierra Youth Coalition has unveiled its 2005 Annual Report, all of this amazing work is in one place. Learn what Canadian youth are doing to make their voices heard, transforming the direction of university campuses, high schools, and communities towards sustainable development. The 2005 Annual Report is full of pictures and stories of Canada's foremost youth environmental organization - highlighting one of the most important agents for change in Canada today. Read it today, and go to for more information.


This June 19-23, more than 6,000 participants from 150 nations will gather in Vancouver, Canada for the third session of the World Urban Forum. This biennial UN-HABITAT event on urban sustainability examines and identifies solutions to the critical problems facing cities  around the globe.




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