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Dorothy Cutting's Climate in Crisis - Journey 2006

Dorothy Cutting, a 75-year-old grandmother from Salt Spring Island, is driving her hybrid car to Inuvik to learn about how climate change is affecting the people of the North.

Read the June 27th press release.

Read Dorothy's Blog.

Keep up-to-date with the journey details at



World Urban Forum III

About 10,000 people came to the United Nations – Habitat’s World Urban Forum (WUF) conference held in Vancouver from June 19-23. About forty Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) and Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) active members from across Canada were among them. Some of the youth participated in the World Youth Forum, Amelia Clarke (Past President of SCC) moderated the Environment Round Sector RoundTable, Faith Shamonda (SYC) participated in the RoundTable, Eric Lorenz (Lower Mainland Group Chair) hosted a party at his house one night, Emily Menzies (SYC-BC) hosted a booth at the parallel Earth: World Urban Festival, and many of us gathered at the SCC/SYC meeting and environmental non-governmental organizations reception during the WUF.  It was a chance for us to meet each other, network with others from around the world, share success stories, and learn new ideas. Jim McNeil, from the SCC Advisory Board was also involved. Having been instrumental in bringing Habitat I to Vancouver 30 years ago, which is where UN-Habitat was launched, he gave the keynote speech at the Alumni reception. All in all, Sierra Club of Canada, including SYC, had a very strong presence at this UN event, and helped bring environment to the urban agenda.

For more information about WUF III see:

Faith Shamonda’s report -

The IISD’s daily coverage of the meeting - 

The UN-Habitat WUF site -

Take Action! Save Kyoto Petition

Recently, a new coalition launched a petition to put pressure on Harper to honour Canada's Kyoto commitments. Since then, 40,000 people have signed it and it's only the beginning.  Individuals are encouraged to sign the petition at:


Search for a new Executive Director has begun

Sierra Club of Canada is seeking a dynamic and inspiring leader to become its next Executive Director. The successful candidate will combine a passion for the protection of the environment with proven experience and skills in managing diverse and successful not-for-profit organizations.  See for description.

Mackenzie Wild Campaign

Work continues on Sierra Club's campaign to stop the Mackenzie Gas Project -- a multi-billion dollar energy project that would pump relatively clean natural gas through the pristine Mackenzie Valley to Alberta's notorious Tar Sands. At People and the Planet, our "Tar Nation" workshop on the MGP, Climate Change and the Tar Sands was widely attended. On July 6, the Joint Review Panel holds one of its only scheduled Alberta sessions. Prairie Chapter Director Lindsay Telfer will be there to tell the Panel about adverse environmental effects. Then it's back to the Northwest Territories in July and August where Mackenzie Wild campaigner Rachel Plotkin and Sierra Legal lawyer Paul Falvo will make presentations and cross-examine Imperial Oil witnesses. For updates and to sign the Mackenzie Wild Declaration, visit


Solar Homes Inventory Project

Solar Nova Scotia, with funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and the support of the Ecology Action Centre, has embarked on a mission to update our existing database of homes utilizing solar and other renewable energy sources and raise awareness of these resources throughout Nova Scotia. Our Solar Home Spotting Contest is simple: people who see a sustainable/renewable energy installation in their community simply need to say (with accuracy) where they have seen such an installation.

Information will be available on our website to assist people in identifying different types of equipment and architecture used to harness renewable energy sources at  Entries will be drawn to win solar prizes; the contest runs from June 21 to August 6, with prizes being awarded September 23.

Become a Word Warrior

We are asking people to please become a Word Warrior and submit Letters to the Editor on environmental issues to the provincial newspaper or to their local newspaper during this provincial election. If you do submit a letter, please cc it to so that we can try and keep track what letters are submitted.
Daily News:
Chronicle Herald:

Come to our Annual General Meeting

Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter and the Nova Scotia Environmental Network's Conference & Annual General Meeting, Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30, 2006. Shire Learning Centre Carlton, Yarmouth County.

Registration is now open on our website.

Take Action! - Public Feedback Requested on White’s Point Quarry and Marine Terminal on Digby Neck

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the White’s Point Quarry & Marine Terminal has been released and we are now in the period of the Public Review which will end on August 4, 2006. If the quarry goes ahead, two million tonnes of aggregate per year will be blasted, crushed and removed from a very fragile peninsula, about 2 kilometres wide.  The area’s very healthy fishing and tourism industries could be severely threatened by the noise, dust and quarry traffic.  This flies in the face of the idea of eco-tourism and environmental protection.  The cumulative effect of the clearly intended, large and long-term operations is a grave concern for the future.  Should this proposed undertaking be given the green light by our two governments, and should the shipments to international destinations get underway, we will have no recourse for appeal when our environment and quality of life are undermined.  You will find more information at and  Please help us stop this
quarry project by sending in your letters and comments to Ms. Debra Myles, Panel Manager before August 4, 2006.

Debra Myles, Panel Manager
White’s Point Quarry & Marine Terminal Project-Joint Review Panel
c/o Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
160 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON,  K1A 0H3
Fax:  613-957-0941


Education Program Update - Action Challenge Projects!

This year the BC Chapter School Program Team saw over 10,000 students in hundreds of classrooms – no small feat!  Specially designed to meet the needs of both teachers and students, our on-class programs are curriculum-linked, science-based, and centered on the principle of hands-on learning.  All programs undergo a rigorous evaluation process, with input from both teachers and students.
This year, each class that they visited during their multi-visit presentations was left with an Action Challenge – a chance to take what they learned during the program and apply it in special projects in their classrooms, homes and communities.  You can read about the projects we left with classrooms on our website at, and many of the special Action Challenges from participating classes are up on our website at

Vicky Husband Receives Honorary Doctorate

Cited for her tireless advocate of nature conservation, education and cultural integrity in British Columbia, Vicky Husband was also recognized for her work on behalf of Sierra Club of Canada and its role in protecting old-growth forests and endangered wildlife.

She has previously been awarded the United Nations Environment Programs Global 500 Award, the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia.

Congratulations Vicky!



Great Bear Rainforest: 24 new protected areas

The BC government has finally legislated the first set of 24 new protected areas in the region in early May.  The new protection areas are designated as “conservancies,” a new designation under the Park Act also passed in May. The new designation was developed specifically to meet First Nations’ needs for cultural and traditional uses in protection areas. First Nations have long-standing concerns about the legal mechanism normally used to designate parks (known as a Class A park designation) because of its restrictions on their traditional activities.

While meeting First Nations needs was the main objective in developing the new designation, the BC Chapter also welcomed the broader “purpose” of the conservancies. A conservancy is public land set aside for the protection and maintenance of its biological diversity, natural environments and recreation values, as well as the preservation and maintenance of First Nations’ social, ceremonial and cultural uses. The purpose of the current Class A park designation is primarily recreation focused.

To receive the entire article email, Communications Coordinator, Sierra Club of Canada BC Chapter.


Volunteers needed in Toronto!

The Ontario Chapter is gearing up for several environmental campaign actions in and around the city of Toronto.  We need your help as volunteers to ensure their success.

Ontario Electricity Campaign

Dalton McGuinty needs to be constantly reminded of his nuclear mistake( You can help by writing the Premier, Energy Minister Dwight Duncan, and Environment Minister Laurel Broten.

Address and contact information is available at

If you live in or near the Toronto provincial riding of Parkdale – High Park where there will soon be a by-election, we need your help to speak against the disastrous electricity future Premier McGuinty is planning.  Contact for more info on this opportunity.

Even though the province is only opening its electricity plan to public comment after its passed legislation to exempt it from an environmental assessment, it is important to have your opposition heard.

The government has now posted its exemption regulation on the Environmental Bill of Rights for comment (

Car Free Day in Toronto

Sierra Club of Canada's Ontario Chapter and the City of Toronto are working together to present Toronto's first major, downtown, weekday, Car Free Day signature event!

We need lots of help to ensure this event runs smoothly.  If you can help and volunteer a few hours on Sept.22 please let us know at

On Friday September 22nd, from 10:00am- 3:00pm, Yonge Street from Shuter to
Dundas will be closed to cars and open to those interested in exploring the other mobility options available to Torontonians!  This stretch of Canada's longest street, and Dundas Square will be THE place to be for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, walkers, strollers, and roller-bladers.

There will be:

  • Musicians and bands, dancers, bike stunt performers and other entertainment,
  • Local celebrities, speakers and the reading of a Toronto Car Free Day proclamation, &
  • Informative environmental displays, interactive programs, encouragement and tips on how to be more car free!

Toronto Car Free Day 2006 Goals

  • To encourage people to rediscover their local community and open our streets to greater public use and access.
  • To educate individuals on the issues of air pollution, climate change, personal stress, health, and public safety as they relate to an over dependence on the private automobile.
  • To help reduce traffic congestion, automobile-related accidents and injuries, smog, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To emphasize the need for more and better public transit.
  • To highlight the public health benefits of alternative modes of transportation – active modes of transportation like walking, cycling, and rollerblading allow individuals to get more exercise and stay healthy.
  • To increase interaction among community members and neighbourhoods in the space usually reserved for cars.
    Keep an eye on for more details as they develop.


Energy Solutions

Building the New West

This summer our Energy Solutions campaign is kicking in to high gear with the launch of our "Building the New West," campaign for clean energy solutions in Alberta. With Alberta now producing nearly 40% of Canada's green house gas emissions, we at the Prairie Chapter (along with the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta) are proposing a new direction for energy in the province.  Check for regular releases on elements of sustainable energy solutions for the province of Alberta.

Taking Action in the Prairies

The early spring was a busy one in our offices with efforts turning towards climate change given the Alberta leadership in the current federal Conservative governments directions. Check out the Prairie Chapter website soon for campaign and action updates.

Water in the Prairies

The prairie region is one that will be most adversely impacted by drought in Canada. According to a recent report by Dr. David Schindler et al entitled "An Impending Water Crisis in Canada's Western Prairie Provinces," the prairie region is expected to experience an unprecedented drought. Working to understand the major impacts and ensure actions to mitigate or reverse the trends are currently being sought. We are currently in the development phase of this initiative, if you want to help, please contact Lindsay at

Healthy Communities

School Pool
With the addition of two summer students, the School Pool program has received a boost to end the school year with a boom? Schools are registered and the summer will now turn to planning for September's School Pool Challenge.? For more information check out

Imagine Calgary
The City of Calgary announced the results of the Imagine Calgary process this past week at the World Urban Forum and the Cities Plus conference. The Chinook Group has been very heavily involved in this journey of developing a 100-year vision for sustainability in Calgary. The starting points were The Melbourne Principles and Gro Harlem Brundtland's definition for sustainability.  As such, we, Sierra Club of Canada – Chinook Group, have signed on as founding partners and signed the Imagine Calgary Charter. Please see for more information.


Nouveau directeur pour la section du Québec

La section du Québec et le bureau national sont très heureux d’annoncer l’embauche de Claude Martel à titre de directeur de la section. Tous les bénévoles ont investi beaucoup d’efforts pour en arriver à embaucher un permanent, et nous commençons maintenant une période excitante de consolidation de la section.

Claude est le candidat parfait pour ce poste. Non seulement détient-il la maîtrise des communications et possède-t-il un esprit entrepreneur, mais il a démontré son engagement depuis deux ans à titre de directeur bénévole des communications.

Claude apporte avec lui une vaste expérience, tant du domaine public que privé, que ce soit comme expert en relations médias/communications, en gestion de projets, comme consultant en implantation de la norme ISO 14000 en gestion environnementale, en création et gestion de banques de données, comme producteur et coordonnateur d’événements dans les milieux de l’art et de l’environnement et également, à titre de traducteur/interprète. Mais surtout, il est un passionné de l’environnement et désire mettre ses talents à contribution.

New Quebec Chapter Director

The Quebec Chapter and National are very pleased to announce that Claude Martel has recently been hired on as the new Quebec Chapter Director. All Quebec volunteers have worked very hard at getting the Chapter to the point of hiring a staff member, and this is an exciting start.

Claude is the perfect candidate for this job. Not only is he a master of communications and has an entrepreneurial spirit, but he has shown great commitment to the Quebec Chapter as Communications Director on a volunteer basis over the last 2 years.

Claude has a varied background in both the public and private sectors: Media/Communications expert; Project Management; Consultant on the implementation of Environmental Management System (ISO 14000) and Database creation/management; Coordinator/Producer of large scale events in the arts and environmental fields; and freelance Translator/Interpreter. Moreover, he is passionate about the environment and anxious to put his skills to work.


The Sierra Youth Coalition presents: BE HEARD, LEARN HOW

We are touring the country this summer and we want you to be there with us!         .

We're stopping in major cities to: 
1. Meet you! 
2. Give a high-energy & inspiring presentation (+ short film & dynamic discussion). 
3. Talk with you about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved!!


Tour Dates

Montreal   July 4th
Edmonton  July 6th
Calgary   July 10th
Kootenays July 17-19th
Saskatoon  July 20th
Vancouver  July 24th
Victoria Aug 3rd
Toronto Aug 8th
Ottawa  Aug 14th
Halifax  Aug 22nd

For POSTERS and other DETAILS go to

To help with the tour, contact Zoë Caron



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