A collection of briefs submitted to the Public Review Commission Into the Effects of Potential Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling Activities off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

January 2002

Letter from Farley Mowat to the Public Review into Oil and Gas Exploration in Cape Breton

Unhealthy Effects of Upstream Oil and Gas Flaring (PDF format)

Commentary on the potential effects of oil and gas exploration and drilling activities on the marine environment - Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Sydney Bight regions, and Scotian Shelf region (PDF format)

Sierra Club of Canada - Submission to the Public Review Commission (PDF format)

Sense and Nonsense- The Environmental Impacts of Exploration on Marine Organisms Offshore Cape Breton (PDF format)

Other documentation

Crude Costs
A Framework for a Full-Cost Accounting Analysis of Oil and Gas Exploration Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

PDF format (large download, 2.2 mb)

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