Kids and the Planet

Brought to you by CanaDIANA UnlimiTED and Earth Rangers
For kids aged 3-12.
Occuring on-site during all conference workshops and plenary sessions.
Option of children eat with their parents.
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CanaDIANA UnlimiTED is a partnership between Diana Brushey and Ted Whitmell. Diana and Ted have been working together for 10 years to create high-quality children's programs and presentations. They have run the children's portion of the Sierra Club of Canada's People and the Planet conferences in both Kingston (2002) and Calgary (2004).

The 2006 Kids and the Planet program will follow the same pattern of using a variety of innovative, cooperative, and educational activities. These activities are designed to help children to understand environmental and social justice topics and to engage in and express themselves in meaningful discussions. The goal is for children to realize the interconnectedness of all creation and to identify elements in their lives where they can make positive choices and changes.

Children in the Kids and The Planet program will participate in discussions, games, and activities which reflect the themes of the workshops and plenary sessions that their parents will attend:
  • respect and care for the community of life;
  • ecological integrity;
  • social and economic justice; and
  • democracy, nonviolence, and peace.
  • Ted and Diana's approach is to provide children with a supportive, nurturing atmosphere of exploration and education where they can be inspired to learn and empowered to act. The activities address different learning styles and abilities and they strive to respect and celebrate cultural and religious diversity.

                 About Ted                                            About Diana

    Ted Whitmell is a graduate of Carleton University, where he studied English Literature with minor attention to computer studies. Ted also helped with Carleton University's award-winning "Keen For Green" Environmental Adventure Camp. Ted was there to help with the original programming of the very first Keen for Green camp. Diana joined the Keen For Green team in its second year and Diana and Ted were co-directors of the camp for two years before creating and delivering the Keen For Green Outreach Program, a mobile camp that brought environmental education to new Canadians and disadvantaged children. Ted's background also includes drama and musical performance, arts and science workshops for children and youth, debating and public speaking, and advocacy for children's rights. Ted has a special talent for creating entertaining games which illustrate principles of ecology and social justice ideals. Together with Diana he has participated in initiatives promoting organic growing, pesticide reduction, and community arts development.

    Diana Brushey went to the University of Ottawa where she also majored in English Literature before going on to complete her Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University, with attention to Outdoor Education. She also has experience in public speaking and debating, youth advocacy, theatrical and musical arts, and creating curriculums and presentations for students of all ages, from preschoolers to adults. She has taught groups as varied as ESL children, new Canadian and immigrant adults, young offenders, teenaged camp counsellors, and adults with brain injuries. Diana has also worked with faith groups to design programming incorporating faith and the environment and to promote interfaith understanding. She also works for the City of Ottawa as a Youth Outreach Worker as well as providing quality afterschool and camp programming for disadvantaged children.