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Bonn Notebook

May 19, 2007

During this meeting, some industrialized countries have been presenting scenarios for emissions reductions.

The European union has presented on how it can achieve its 20% target for 2020, and Norway has also looked at reductions of 30% by 2020.

Of course, Canada has only spoken of it’s recently released regulatory plan which makes a mockery of this entire process, without making any presentations. Rumours were circulating that Canada was blocking negotiations for funding a system essential to emissions trading.

However, as the days progressed, it seems that Canada made a U-turn and ended up agreeing on text it had initially opposed, thus bringing about suspicions that Canada was intentially blocking the process and slowing it down.

Interventions made by Canada regarding how developing countries should be doing more also did not help given this is an entirely hyprocritical position, possibly having the only aim of creating more distrust amongst negotiators, given that Canada, athough it asks for more from developing countries, is unable to articulate what ‘more’ would actually look like.

Over the next year, countries need to establish how they will progress, and who, in the Annex 1 (developed) counties is able to make what reductions and how they will make those reductions.

Tonight a draft document was circulated which sets out a schedule for work and for analysis, which is positive step.

Countries from Annex I have proposed to do more analysis on potential for reductions during the exceptional session that will be held in Vienna in late August. This anaylsis phase will continue during Bali, and finally, only in a year from now are countries going to start to discuss how they will achieve their targets.

Canada made two interventions to alter the text and push back deadlines for this analysis, as well as pushing a deadline for examining means that Annex I countries would use for achieving the reductions scenarios.

With the help of Canada progress has already been slow, and they have succeed in delaying progress even more.

Emilie Moorhouse is Sierra Club of Canada's Atmosphere and Energy Campaigner.


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