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Recent SCC National Office Postings

Older postings can be found on SCC's National Office Archives page

  • Decoding the Spin: Sierra Club’s Analysis of the Speech from the Throne

    October 17, 2007

    What does the federal government’s Speech from the Throne mean for Canada’s environment? We decode the spin


  • Statement to the Fourteenth Regular Session of the CEC Council

    Emilie Moorhouse, Sierra Club of Canada's Atmosphere and Energy Campaigner, was selected to make a presentation to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation's 14th Regular Session Council, held June 26-27th in Morelia, Michoacán , Mexico.


  • Report from UNFCCC meeting in Bonn

    Sierra Club's Atmosphere and Energy campaigner, Emilie Moorhouse, reports from Bonn on the progress in negotiating a plan for the Kyoto Protocol post-2012.


  • Rudy Haase Documentary

    Documentarian, Neal Livingston, has released a documentary featuring long-time activist and Sierra Club member, Rudy Haase. Rudy has committed his life to preserving wildlife and wild spaces around the world. He has been a member of Sierra Club since 1960.


  • Deep Panuke Review

    Sierra Club of Canada is the only enviornmental group participating in the coordinated public review between the Canada - Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) and the National Energy Board (NEB) for the EnCana Corporation’s proposed Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Development Project. Bruno Marcocchio reports from the hearings


  • Key Amendments to Bill C-30 (Clean Air Act)

    Climate Action Network's Backgrounder for the C-30 Committee and all federal political parties outlining the amendments needed to Bill C-30 to address air quality concerns and greenhouse gas pollution in Canada.


  • Report from COP-12 in Nairobi

    SCC Climate and Energy campaigner, Emilie Moorhouse, reports from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Nairobi.


  • Sierra Club of Canada letter protesting World Bank push for GMOs

    Joint letter from Sierra Club of Canada and Sierra Club (U.S.) to the President of the World Bank protesting their programs promoting GE agriculture in Latin America and Africa.


  • SCC at the CSNY Freedom of Speech Tour

    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young invited Sierra Club of Canada to table at the Canadian dates of their Freedom of Speech Tour '06. Sierra Club of Canada volunteers tabled at the Ottawa and Toronto dates, talking to concert goers about alternatives to the McGuinty government's plan to construct new nuclear power plants in Ontario.


  • Chernobyl +20

    Sierra Club of Canada campaigner, Emilie Moorhouse, reports from Chernobyl during the 20th anniversary of the devasting nuclear meltdown.


  • Remarks by President William J. Clinton

    Side Event hosted by the City of Montreal at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP11/ COP/MOP1), Palais des Congrès, Montreal, December 8, 2005


  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge meeting at 24 Sussex

    In September 2005, Canadian environmental leaders met with Prime Minister Paul Martin to thank him for his strong statements in support of the Arctic Refuge and against drilling.


  • Address by Prime Minister Paul Martin at the Economic Club of New York - Arctic Refuge, October 6, 2005

    "The second concern I want to discuss tonight addresses another dimension of our partnership - that of joint stewardship of the North American environment. In this context, the U.S. interest in drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - ANWR - gives rise to great reservations on the part of Canada and Canadians."


  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s speech at the Sierra Summit, September 10, 2005

    Transcript of a speech by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the U.S. Sierra Club’s National Convention and Expo on September 10, 2005 in San Francisco. Kennedy received the Sierra Club’s William O. Douglas Award on behalf of the Waterkeeper Alliance.


  • All Levels of Radiation Confirmed to Cause Cancer

    NIRS Media Release - Washington, DC, June 30, 2005: The National Academies of Science released an over 700-page report yesterday on the risks from ionizing radiation. The BEIR VII or seventh Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation report on “Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation” reconfirmed the previous knowledge that there is no safe level of exposure to radiation—that even very low doses can cause cancer. Risks from low dose radiation are equal or greater than previously thought.


  • 26,000,000 Canadians Support the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change


  • New Energy Directions

    Prepared by the Clean Air Alliance, New Energy Directions offers a low-cost, low-risk electricity strategy for Ontario. The report provides a blueprint for ensuring consistent supplies at reasonable cost with maximum conservation and minimal environmental impact. (PDF file, 570K)


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