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SCC Forest Certification Bulletin

Bulletin Number 9 - November 2002

This bulletin has been prepared by the Sierra Club of Canada, and provides a concise summary of key new developments related to certification, with a focus on issues in Canada. It is distributed by email and available on the Sierra Club of Canada’s website at

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Recent News

Three new FSC Board of Directors Elected

October: Gisbert Schlemmer, Lincoln Quevedo and Hannah Scrase were elected to fill the respective Board positions of: Northern Social, Southern Environmental and Northern Environmental.

New FSC-US President

Effective October, 31, 2002, FSC-US has a new president: Roger. C. Dower. Paul Harman, the FSC-US Board Chair, states that FSC-US's goal is "to raise the FSC's profile with consumers and other wood purchasers." He feels that Dower's business management and marketing skills make him a good fit.

Changes to Percentage-Based Claims Policy

In the future, the FSC logo will be used on products that contain 100% recycled or reclaimed/rediscovered material that has been certified by accredited certifiers. Additional changes include: new minimum percentages for chip and fiber products, changes to allow for widespread use of the FSC logo via the separation of chain of custody control and logo usage rules, and additional controls over the non-certified portion of wood included in FSC labeled products. Those interested in helping to develop the new standards can contact Sofia Ryder at FSC International:

FSC Consolidated Motions

FSC AC consolidated the motions to be formally presented at the Annual General Meeting. To view these motions, visit the FSC-AC website,

Sierra Club of Canada responds on Allagash appeal

The Sierra Club of Canada has provided a response to FSC International regarding its appeal of the FSC certificate awarded by SCS to JD Irving Ltd. for its forestry operations in the Allagash District in Maine. The Sierra Club expressed its deep disappointment about the lack of action taken by FSC regarding the significant concerns that had been raised by the Sierra Club. Although the Sierra Club does not plan to pursue the appeal further at the present time, it will use other avenues to highlight the grievous shortcomings in JD Irving’s management practices and to introduce the rigour needed for the Forest Stewardship Council to be a truly credible global forest certification system.

Call for Voluntary Papers and Posters

The international forestry community will meet in Quebec City, Canada, for the XII World Forestry Congress from September 21 to 28. The XII World Forestry Congress will be an open forum where discussion will focus on individuals, communities and forests under the theme “Forests, source of life”. Individuals are invited to submit voluntary papers and posters as a means to express new ideas and provide information on practical experiences, conceptual models and interesting initiatives to the Forestry Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The deadline has recently been extended until November 15, 2002. Detailed guidelines for authors are available on the XII world Forestry Congress website,


We're including the most up-to-date information available, but some of these scheduled events may be subject to change.

November 22-26, 2002 -- FSC General Assembly, Oaxaca, Mexico


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We would like to acknowledge the support of the World Wildlife Fund of Canada in the production of this bulletin.