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NFS Report Card Indicators
1Completion of a Network of Representative Protective Areas

Commitment in NFS: Fulfill existing commitments to complete the network of representative protected areas networks in each province and territory. (Action item 1.6)

Percent of ecological representation targets achieved

Existence of government-sanctioned gap analysis?

Existence of Protected Areas Strategy completed for the province and made publicly available

Province/territory is conducting studies on migratory/travel routes used by key wildlife species

Number/area of parks within which industrial or non-conforming use is occurring

Area, if available, of specially managed corridors between protected areas

Area, if available, of special management areas outside of protected areas

Existence of landscape-level, government-supported conservation initiatives occurring in the province/territory

Area of land protected

Area of forest within protected areas

Coming in May 2005...Click on indicators to find out how your province or territory is doing!

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