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NFS Report Card Indicators
2Integrated Land Use Planning

Commitment in NFS: Manage Canada's natural forest using an ecosystem-based approach that maintains forest health, structure, functions, composition and biodiversity, and includes, but is not limited to: a) Using integrated land use planning, especially before tenure allocation. (Objective 1A)

Existence of provincial/territorial operational public policy and/or legislation to ensure that integrated LUP occurs prior to the allocation of unallocated land

Existence of provincial/territorial outline for LUP planning processes, so that processes presently occurring are consistent within the province

Area (and percentage of unallocated forest) in public planning process

Area of allocated forest/unallocated forest

Amount of intact forest in province/territory

Area of allocated forest that underwent integrated land use planning process in last five years

Coming in May 2005...Click on indicators to find out how your province or territory is doing!

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