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NFS Report Card Indicators
6Maintaining Natural Carbon Reservoirs in Forest Ecosystems

Commitment in NFS: Manage Canada's natural forest using an ecosystem-based approach that maintains forest health, structure, functions, composition and biodiversity, and includes, but is not limited to: On a national basis, maintaining carbon reservoirs and managing the forest to be a net carbon sink, over the long term (Objective 1D); and Conserving old-growth forests and threatened forest ecosystems. (Objective 1E)

Existence of provincial/territorial models used to assess forest land use carbon inventory

Existence of provincial/territorial models used to assess different impacts on stored carbon for harvest and silviculture treatments

Mean natural disturbance intervals, where information is available, by region or site type, compared to rotation age currently practiced by industry

Existence of government initiatives to reduce harvest volumes to achieve protected area and/or climate change targets

Existence of new provincial/territorial policies enacted since 1998 to:

  • Reduce deforestation
  • Enhance afforestation
  • Enhance carbon storage in forest management
  • Increase adaptability to climate change

Coming in May 2005...
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