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Letter to the Editor
Kincardine News
Date published: 
Tue, 2011-06-14

I am new to Kincardine and I could not help but notice the "Stop the Wind Turbine" signs up around town.

As my family and I started settling in to your community, I wanted to learn more about the wind turbines.

I attended a meeting last week that was held at the Davidson Centre in hopes of learning more about the turbine issue. As I approached the Davidson Centre doors, I was met with three men holding "Stop the Wind Turbine" signs. They were abrupt and yelling out statements about how the turbines were created for the purpose of greed only and they went on about how they wanted the turbines stopped.

I felt intimidated walking by them to get in the meeting. The meeting was well organized and the "anti-turbine" argument was delivered in a strong and consistent manner. Unfortunately, I hoped to hear both sides of the issue and left the meeting a bit disappointed. I then did some research on my own and found the following.

Suncor is investing $7 billion in Ontario, over the next 10 years and our government is investing billions more as well. This relates to 50,000 jobs.

We are the leaders in clean energy technology and in doing so, are setting the stage for others. I know that money is not everything and as my parents always say... you can't take it with you when you go. What you do need, is your health and the health of your children and their children. Since I only got one side of the story at last week's meeting, I was left to do more research on the issue. I found the following.

Since 2003 the coal energy producing industry has been lowered by 70% and it has been replaced with clean energy sources. We have fewer smog days and the levels of various air pollutants have been lowered as well.

2009 levels -Nitrogen Dioxide down by 77%, Carbon Monoxide down by 71%, Sulpher Dioxide down by 81%, Particulate Matter down by 27%, The Ontario Medical Association states that air pollution is responsible for over 9500 premature deaths per year in Ontario alone and that smog was responsible for over 16,000 admissions to our hospitals in 2005. As a front line critical care nurse, I not only see the impact of this, I live it, every day that I go to work.

I empathize with those that are suffering whether it is directly related to wind turbines or for other reasons.

I don't personally live next to a turbine and I don't have a loved one suffering with the symptoms expressed at the meeting last week. I am just a mom looking out for my family just like those at the meeting last week. I don't have the answer so I put my trust in those that have proven to me over time to be both reliable and knowledgeable.

One of the members of the Green Energy Alliance is the David Suzuki Foundation and in my opinion, you can't get any better than David Suzuki on environmental issues.

Diane Jolliffe, Reg. N. Kincardine


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