18 hours to save The Gulf of St. Lawrence

Take Action RIGHT NOW to Protect Blue Whales and The Gulf of St. Lawrence! Blue whale calf and mother

We are in the last stretch here. 

On January 14th, unless we hear from our federal or provincial leaders, the decision made by the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board to issue a new license to Corridor Resources in the Gulf of St. Lawrence will stand.

So far the silence from our leaders regarding a new license in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has been deafening.

Many of you have asked what more can I do to help. And there is more to do!

Given the short amount of time left to speak up against the new license for Corridor, we have constructed an open letter denouncing the license and urging decision makers to protect the Gulf of St Lawrence from future oil and gas exploration. 

Our plan is to collect as many individual and organizational signators to this letter as possible before 9:00 AM Thursday, Jan 12th.  Midday on Thursday the letter will be posted online and released to the press with the full list of coalition and individual supporters.

Please add your name to the growing list of people who want the Gulf of St. Lawrence to remain free of oil and gas development and safe for the blue whale and the many other creatures that live there.

Please add your name to the letter today!  

If you are signing on as an organization, please contact me directly by email.

Thank you for taking action.

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Program Director
Sierra Club Canada Foundation