Summary of Specific Changes Proposed for Amending the Mineral Resources Act for Nova Scotia

Publication Date: 
January 20, 2015

This document outlines in detail the changes we wish to see in a modern and effective Mineral Resources Act (MRA).

As much as possible, in Section 1 of this document, we have offered recommendations in the order in which the Act is written, to make it easier for the review panel to understand how exactly the changes we are requesting could be inserted into the Act. Section 2 outlines our recommendations for addressing the legislative gap that currently exists for pits and quarries. In Section 3, we answer questions laid out in the discussion document produced by Mineral Resources Branch to initiate discussion (Mineral Resources Act Review: Improving Our Competitive Position Through Modern and Effective Legislation).

We believe the Nova Scotia government has responsibility to protect environment and communities through clear and transparent processes and rules. The rules we propose will make it possible for citizens and government to make informed decisions about their resources and result in greater environmental protection.

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