What the ???? This Can't Stand. Not Sable Island. Not Now. Not Ever.

Not Sable Island. Not Now. Not Ever.

Canada has just put waters around Sable Island on the block for the oil industry.

Sable Island would be devastated by an oil spill, and we know that when a spill happens, we can't clean it up.

Last week, Parks Canada was asking Canadians whether activities like camping should be allowed on Sable Island National Park Reserve. 

This week, its waters are being given over to the oil industry to bid on. Rigs could be placed up to one nautical mile of its shores and could drill horizontally underneath it. Seismic exploration could be allowed on the island itself.

Meanwhile, our Environment and Climate Change Minister is at UN climate talks in Poland, saying Canada is committed to making the most of the 11 years we have left to deal with climate change.

Sable Island is home to unique species.Our offshore boards have not put environmental protection before expansion of the oil industry.

There's something seriously dysfunctional with how we are dealing with offshore oil and gas in this country.

These leases need to be cancelled.

Write now to Prime Minister Trudeau to tell him our national parks need to be protected, not sold to the highest bidder. Not now, not ever. 

Thank you for taking action.

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Program Director

P.S.: These beautiful images have been provided with permission by photographer Damian Lidgard. Many thanks to Damian for sharing his narrative of this special place through images.