Action Alert: Saskatoon Freeway Threatens Northeast Swale

Protect The Northeast Swale

The Northeast Swale is a rare and endangered ecosystem on the edge of the city of Saskatoon. This native prairie is currently under threat from urban encroachment and the Province's proposed Saskatoon Freeway.

The freeway will bring four lanes of high-speed truck traffic though multiple sensitive ecosystems.

Why is this an issue? 

  • At-risk species have been found in the area, including short-eared owl, common night hawk, Sprague’s pipit, loggerhead shrike, northern leopard frog, western tiger salamander, rough plains fescue, and the crowfoot violet
  • Further fragmentation could lead to loss of biodiversity
  • Loss of habitat, wetlands and grasslands
  • Increased direct animal mortality 
  • Pollutants from storm water run-off
Please sign your urgent letter today to demand protection for iconic prairie grasslands!