Take Action - Stop Plastic Pollution In Its Tracks

Stop Plastic Pollution In Its Tracks

Sierra Club Ontario is working with Chapters around the Great Lakes to tackle plastic pollution by encouraging members to take the Plastic-Free July Challenge.

Today, they need your help in ensuring our federal government steps up to the plate on plastics.

The federal government estimates that preventing plastic pollution can save $500 million a year, and create tens of thousands of jobs. 

As we rebuild after COVID, wouldn't it be great to create a truly circular economy with respect to plastics?

To get there, the federal government must keep its commitment to regulate plastics, ensure those who produce plastic waste are held responsible for its collection and re-use or recycling, and support clean-up of plastics in our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Please join with those who have taken up the Plastic-Free Challenge and support our members in the Ontario Chapter in pushing for federal action to stop plastic pollution.

Gretchen Fitzgerald
National Programs Director

P.S.: If you are in Ontario, please consider joining the Plastic-Free Challenge and keep your eyes open for ways you can pressure provincial leaders to take steps on plastic pollution this week as part of provincial lobby day.

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