Yes, it’s April 1st and we wanted to make a point!

Unfortunately, there are no Hazzzmat suits to protect the millions of bees and other pollinating insects we depend on to produce 40% of our food.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) conditionally licensed the bee-killing neonicotinoids a decade ago. Back then, PMRA said (and has since repeated several times) the pesticide companies would be "required" to provide studies on the toxicity of neonicotinoids to bees. A decade has passed and those studies have still NOT been done (see media release).

Today, Sierra Club Canada Foundation will appear before the Senate Committee on Forestry and Agriculture, though I won't be making a presentation. Instead, I will table several PMRA orders to the pesticide makers requesting the required toxicity studies.

I will only ask one question of the Senate committee: “Why are neonicotinoids still on the market?”

It's a simple question that should evoke a simple answer, but I don't expect to get one.

If we want to #SaveTheBees and prevent another Silent Spring, we must mount an unprecedented program to educate and motivate the public.

It will be an uphill battle as most politicians are in the pockets of the pesticide industry -- look no further than the recent CropLife appointment (see media release).

Sierra Club Canada Foundations has exhausted all the funds we raised in 2013 for our bee work. Your individual donation enabled us to make neonicotinoid pesticides an issue. We couldn't have done it without you and the first step has been a great success.

To achieve our ultimate goal of banning the bee-killing pesticides, however, we need to rely on you again.

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