Sierra Club Canada Foundation Asks People to Re-Imagine Halifax Harbour

World Oceans Day, June 8, 2016

Halifax, NS – In honour of World Oceans Day, Atlantic Chapter of Sierra Club Canada Foundation with support from Halifax Water is launching a program to engage citizens in re-connecting with Halifax Harbour. Harbours are often our entry point to experiencing the ocean, but they are also polluted and industrialized.

“The concept of the Halifax Harbour being polluted and even dangerous is deeply ingrained,” according to program coordinator Kelly Schnare. “But the reality of Halifax Harbour is quite different. Since the completion of the Harbour Solutions Project the harbour’s water quality has greatly improved and has even allowed for the opening of two supervised beaches. Let’s start to imagine a more naturalized, conserved area, celebrate the species that are there and which can rebound again.”

The program is asking the public to give their ideas of what could take place in our harbour. The program will also be fundraising for a major song contest to be launched later this summer, and will provide educational materials on the ecology and physical oceanography of the harbour via a mobile kiosk located on the waterfront in September.

 “Art is a great way to open minds and getting people to think differently, so as a starting point, we are asking for people to submit stories, images, artwork and songs that tap into their concepts of the Harbour, now and as it could be.” states Schnare. “These pieces will help engage the public and generate deeper conversations about the Halifax Harbour as we move forward.”

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For more information, please contact:

Kelly Schnare, Re-Imagining Atlantic Harbour Coordinator, Atlantic Chapter, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, 902-401-6204,

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