Watch For Wildlife While Driving This Thanksgiving Weekend

A new program from Sierra Club is asking Nova Scotian drivers to take extra care to prevent wildlife collisions over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

“Summer may seem like the high season for wildlife on roads, but many species are on the move in October and November and the result is a higher than average rate of collisions – especially with deer,” according to Wanda Baxter, Watch for Wildlife Program Manager. “We are asking drivers to keep an eye out for wildlife while driving over the Thanksgiving weekend and through November.”

Watch for Wildlife is a new program of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation to help prevent collisions between vehicles and wildlife through sharing tips for avoiding collisions.

Vigilance is the first and best defence, especially when driving on unfamiliar rural roads. Watch out for warning signs that indicate high-risk areas. Use eye-lead time and take extra care. Ask passengers to help by scanning both sides of the roadway. Use your high beams when no traffic is approaching and never over-drive your headlights — you need to see an animal in time to avoid hitting it. (Canada Safety Council)

This time of year is for Thanksgiving and gratitude, and the presence of Wildlife is part of what makes Nova Scotia a wonderful place to live. Please drive with awareness of wildlife and a willingness to share the road as they also try to get where they are going.

The Watch for Wildlife website,, provides more information including contact information for who to call if you are in a collision (wildlife rescues, government departments, etc.). We also have bumper magnets and stickers available for anyone who wants to help spread the message to Watch for Wildlife and help prevent collision.

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