Bee Nests Are Back For The Holidays!

Help support Sierra Club Canada Foundation’s efforts to save the bees through our partnership with Armstrong and Blackbury. Until December 19, buy 3 Solitary Pollinator Bee Nests for $60. Be a safe haven this holiday season!


Bee nests are an easy and safe way to help native solitary bees. Unlike honey bees, native solitary bees do not produce honey, have a queen, or live in a hive. This means they do not have anything to protect them, and they will retreat rather than attack. Solitary bees are vastly better at pollinating than non-native honey bees, but they, too, are experiencing declining numbers.

The nest is easy and safe to install; the native bees that use it are non-aggressive and very rarely sting. The nest will provide native cavity nesting bees with a safe environment in which to lay their eggs. The bees that use the nest only live for 6 weeks, and the new generation will emerge after 12 months. Installing a solitary pollen bee nest is an easy way to do your part. One nest has the potential to yield 100 new bees!

Order your bee nests today!