Bin Talk Ottawa

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Lead a "Bin Talk" today!

Ottawa’s Green Bin composting pick-up program has begun and we need your help to encourage its success.

The collection of food scraps is the next logical step in our waste diversion efforts and a critical step in our efforts to mitigate climate change.  Food scraps buried in a landfill produce large amounts of methane, a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) now believed to be 70-100 times more potent, by volume, than CO2.  In addition, we conserve valuable landfill space, reduce odours, and produce a soil--instead of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

By leading a “Bin Talk”  with your organization, staff or peers you can help influence the future of this program...and our planet.

This is an excellent opportunity to practise your public speaking and presentation skills.  High school students can also earn community service hours.

To sign up, contact

Below you will find the tools, developed by Sierra Club Canada, that will allow you to give a successful Bin Talk.

Bin Talk materials for download:

• "Bin Talk" Script - key points on what needs to be said
• "Bin Talk" Powerpoint - helpful slideshow with graphics
• "Bin Talk" Cue Cards - printable cue cards with key words
• "Bin Talk" Tips - some presentation tips
• "Bin Talk" Poster - promote your bin talk in your community

Please note the following:

1. Presenters are responsible for arranging their own Bin Talks.
2. After giving a Bin Talk, please send an email to the address above confirming its completion as well as the location.
3. Spread the word.  We can always use more volunteers!
4. To view the .pdf documents, you will need to download and install Adobe Reader.