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Air pollution drama at my home

So there I was on that sunny summer afternoon, just getting started with our Sierra Club Canada project, “Breathe Easy,” to measure air pollution all across Ottawa. I was working from home, all the windows open, when suddenly there's a cacophony of clattering noise starting up somewhere in the neighbourhood and a real stinky smell wafting into the yard and in through my windows. I investigate to find that a local hedge trimming company has unleashed a team of three ardent cutters on my adjacent neighbour's back yard. I close up all my windows and whip over to see what's going on.

How's the Air Where You Live Today?

What prematurely kills some 500 people in Ottawa every year, and about 14,600 in Canada?

It’s air pollution. How serious is that? As I stated in an opinion piece published in the Ottawa Citizen (see link below), that’s about as deadly as the COVID-19 pandemic.  Halfway through 2020, about 240 people had died in Ottawa from the Covid-19 virus and about 7300 in Canada.