Forgive My Pessimism

By Owen Leggatt Stewart (Nov 5, 2021)

After the first week, COP26 has presented some small steps forward for the environment. Forgive my pessimism, but I am not convinced it will be the solution to the broad environmental problems we face.

Before even beginning, the conference suffered from access issues. 

Bring Back Nature Everywhere

Committing to phase out fossil fuels would mark a welcome sea change in climate leadership for Canada.  Other countries would sit up and take notice.  

However, stopping fossil fuel combustion alone won’t solve the climate crisis.  

Season One of Our Youth Chapter’s Podcast is Out, Listen Now!

Season 1 of our Sierra Youth chapter’s podcast is now available to listen to in full on spotify and apple podcasts. This first season takes a look at some of the most pressing issues facing our environment as well as the impact of environmental damage on people. Each podcast ends with a simple 10 minute action we can all take to make a difference. 

Our new MPs should be talking about air quality

Version française à suivre

By Jake Cole

Information being collected through the BreatheEasy project shows that Ottawa has its share of pollution — which can have serious health effects.

Answers vs Actions at COP26

By Alexandra MacDonald at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

In 1992, 30 years ago, more than 100 nations signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – a treaty designed to cut back on global emissions. Each country, developed and developing, agreed that they had a responsibility to fight climate change and that they must work together to address the growing issue.

A message from Helena Starr, of Eskasoni First Nation

Dear people of this nation,

On Truth and Reconciliation Day, we must first acknowledge the Every Child Matters movement and the importance of spreading the truth about the thousands of children's lives lost because of the federally funded, church-run, residential school system. We mourn the loss of a beautiful generation of Indigenous people, and we must push to find their remains and return them to their families.

Votes, Voices, and Environmental Vision

This election will be key for Canada.

No matter who wins we will be facing down a series of environmental crises ranging from climate change to critical threats to biodiversity. No matter who wins, the same corporate lobbyists who try to stall action to address issues like plastic pollution and climate change will continue their efforts.

Having a bad air day?

It’s easy to disregard poor air quality as an issue that happens somewhere else. When we think of smog, we picture cities like Los Angeles, London, and Delhi. It’s more difficult to face the reality that air quality is a universal issue that demands attention whether you live in Saskatoon or Seoul.