Call for 2017 Nominations for the Board of Directors - Sierra Club Canada Foundation

Sierra Club Canada Foundation and its Mission

Sierra Club Canada Foundation (SCCF) is a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity whose mission is to advance the preservation and protection of the natural environment in Canada and across the globe.  Since 1971, the SCCF has funded tens of millions of dollars’ worth of important work, from small local projects to large, multi-year campaigns with tens of volunteers, organizers and scientists.

We are funded by individual donors, local grassroots membership, foundations and others who recognize that we all have a right to a safe and healthy environment:  clean air, clean water, open space, wildlands and a healthy and diverse ecosystem.  We are unique in the environmental movement because we enable average citizens to organize activities that improve our local, national and global environments. For more information, see

Board and Committee Positions

The Foundation Board of Directors consists of 12 elected members: 6 directors-at-large, five regional directors, and a Youth director. In addition, the board may appoint two additional directors to serve as Treasurer and Secretary for terms of one year. Directors are elected for two-year terms, or for the balance of the two-year term if a vacancy occurs mid-term. Currently, we seek the following:

- A representative from the Prairie Region. Only members resident in the Prairie region (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) may vote for this position. (Remaining one year term)

 - Persons seeking appointment as a director and Secretary.

We are also seeking individuals interested in serving in a volunteer capacity on the following committees that report to the board: Membership, Finance, Communications, National Conservation and National Development.

Eligibility Requirements for Directorships

Individuals must be of age 18 or older and be members of Sierra Club Canada Foundation at the time of election.


Skills and Time Commitment

We are looking for individuals with the time and commitment to serve as an active board member and willing to serve on one or more committees of the Board.   We seek those who work well in a team setting and have excellent communication and listening skills.  Previous experience with charities and/or non-profit boards of directors is helpful. Proficiency in English is required, bilingualism is an asset.  Diversity of backgrounds, experience and geography is valued. 

Directors must have time to meet monthly for two-hour teleconference board meetings and be available to do committee work as needed. Representatives must actively liaise with the member constituencies and where active chapters are present, with the chapters they are members of.

Special skills we are seeking include fundraising, membership development, social media and communications, and environmental policy development.

Nomination Process

If you are nominating yourself for a position on the Board of Directors, please provide a biography, cover letter detailing your interest and areas of expertise plus a CV. 

If you are nominating someone else, please provide us with the name and contact information of that individual, and a brief biography of the person you are nominating.

Nominations for Directors are also accepted from the floor at the AGM on June 17th, 2017 in Toronto, ON.
More details about the AGM to follow prior to the meeting.

Similarly, if you are interested in serving on one of our national committees, please submit your cover letter and CV. Volunteer members of committees may be added at the discretion of the Chair of each committee and as approved by the Board of Directors.

Please send your nominations or address your inquiries to:

Peter Smith, Nominations Committee Chair