Celebrate Gretchen's Important Work With a Gift In Her Honour - December 2018

Gretchen Fitzgerald, our senior staff director, is celebrating a birthday.

Beyond her responsibilities leading Sierra Club – from media interviews at all hours, to racing to coalition meetings, to being our well-informed voice to the public – Gretchen is quietly out there on Facebook trying to raise funds for Sierra Club Canada Foundation on the occasion of her birthday this month.

But we want to surprise her with something special.

Would you make a gift in honour of our dear Gretchen and all of her heroic work?

Gretchen puts in long hours and sacrifices a great deal to fight some tough battles. She is also a loving mother of a wee one, a devoted partner to her husband Mark, and a daughter who adores her folks. She brings her knowledge and passion to everything she undertakes. And because of that, she simply makes the world better.

From travelling across regions to fight a pipeline, to wearing her heart on her sleeve before defending whales in court - she gives it her all!

We are fortunate to have Gretchen’s leadership. She is deeply respected and admired by her small staff team, our volunteers, and by the environmental movement across the country.

Make a gift to honour Gretchen's tieless work to help our planet!The news on climate is difficult, but Gretchen is not giving up, and neither is her team.

She will be thrilled to find out you have made a gift to Sierra in her honour. I can’t wait to surprise her with the news.

So let’s get this party started!

Thank you for standing behind Gretchen and her important work.

Melissa Munro - Director of Development and Communications

P.S.: Gretchen literally has no idea we are doing this! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping celebrate the work of such a dedicated environmental leader.