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1. Contact Premier Wynne to voice your support for a fully protected and growing Greenbelt

There are positive proposals within the four draft provincial plans, including the Greenbelt plan, open for public comment until October 31st, Urban River Valley additions to note one example. There are also some alarming proposed changes that would allow land to be taken out of the current Greenbelt and handed to the developers. Section 3.4 “Settlement Areas” of the Greenbelt draft contains an outline of a proposed process that could do just that and subject the Greenbelt to being turned into a Swiss cheese belt.

Sierra Club and our Ontario Greenbelt Alliance allies are asking our members and supporters to contact Premier Kathleen Wynne to amend the Province’s plans to ensure that:

Please email Premier Wynne, write to her at Kathleen Wynne, Premier, Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto ON M7A 1A1, or give her office a call at 416-325-1941.

The Greenbelt is sacred! Make your voice heard as Sierra Club continues our work to protect our Greenbelt from the greedy aspirations of the developer syndicate to destroy Ontario’s natural heritage and farmland and replace it with a sprawling landscape of big houses with three car garages.

Act now or be prepared to tell your children why you didn’t.

See for maps and tons of info on the Greenbelt.


2. Sponsor the SCCF Team in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon/ 5K

The race is Sunday, October 16. As of this publication, there are spots left to run or walk with us in this charity race to benefit the Sierra Club Canada Foundation. If that's not your speed please go to our Sierra Team page and sponsor our runners/walkers! 


3. Ontario Chapter's Dr Lino Grima wins Sierra Club International Award

Dr Lino Grima was recently presented with the Raymond J. Sherman International Award honouring volunteer service for international conservation. The award recognizes his work protecting the Great Lakes from multiple threats, including human-caused changes in water levels, invasive species, and pollution.

Dr Grima is semi-retired at the University of Toronto, where he has taught Environmental Management and Water Resources Policy for 37 years and where he was deeply involved in developing curriculum in Environmental Studies. He has published over sixty scientific papers and several books on various aspects of the Great Lakes, water demand management, risk communication and other aspects of environmental management. 

Dr Grima is a longtime Water Issues advisor for Sierra Club and Co-Chair of our Bi-National Great Lakes Committee. The awards committee noted the BGLC as an outstanding example of how we can work across borders to protect shared ecosystems.

Congratulations, Lino!

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