July 27th, 2018


It's a hot, hot summer. The environment has also been a hot topic. Let's see what's going on! 



Environmental Action Day: August 5th at Strathcona Park, Ottawa.

Environmental Action Day will bring artists, environmentalists and the public together to celebrate the environment and promote the need for local action. Come help clean Strathcona park and the banks of the Rideau River, then stroll through our Eco Fair and meet Ottawa's leading environmental organizations, and finally enjoy a free performance of Odyssey Theatre's summer production of Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia for all cleanup participants! Check out more details here.

Dan McDermott Tree Memorial and Fundraiser: September 15th at Ward's Island, Toronto.

Stay tuned for more details!



Greenbelt Campaign: Reports Suppressed by City of Niagara Falls To Support Destruction of Thundering Waters Forest

On May 8, 2018, the Niagara Falls City Council voted to approve what is now termed the Riverfront development. This would, if approved by the Ontario Land Use Planning Tribunal (LPAT), call for the destruction of 120 acres of diverse natural habitat, some of which is now protected wetlands. Read more here.

Greenbelt Campaign: Niagara Regional Official Plan Threatened by Skewed Science

The Niagara Region has embarked on a new three-year process to develop a new Official Plan. What hinders this path, possibly to ruin, is that it is heavily influenced by a peculiar type of environmental stakeholder: consultants in the pay of developers. Find out what happened here.

Green Energy Campaign: Ontario Begins Process to “Modernize” Provincial Energy Regulation

For over 25 years Sierra Club Ontario, along with fellow members of the Green Energy Coalition, has advocated for conservation and renewables and against coal, nuclear and, more recently, against fracking gas in cases before the Ontario Energy Board (the OEB), the agency that regulates Ontario’s gas and electric utilities.  The coalition has made an initial submission to the Modernization Panel highlighting numerous concerns with the OEB’s current mandate and practices. Check it out here.

New Urban Sustainability Mini-Series: Introduction and History of Urbanization in Ontario

The words “city life” tend to paint a certain picture in people’s minds. We think of public transportation, crowded streets, touristy places, and overall concrete jungles. There’s an exciting way of life that comes with living in cities, but this excitement could come at a cost by taking a bigger toll on the environment than one would imagine. Today, approximately 80% of Canada’s population (approximately 29 million people) lives in urban areas. Some 10 million of these people live here in Ontario, and about 6.9 million live in the Greater Toronto Area alone. Read more here.


AGM Notes:

Notes from our Annual General Meeting in June are now published! Curious what happened with Sierra Club Canada in 2017? You can read it all here!


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