Close the Door on Chlorpyrifos.

Let's close the door on chlorpyrifos.

Health Canada needs to hear from you today about its proposed changes to one of the most widely-used pesticides in Canada called chlorpyrifos.

Chlorpyrifos is used in commercial farming for numerous crops from fruits to cereals to tree nuts, in greenhouses, landscaping, golf courses, industrial sites, highway medians and even sod farms. Canada’s Pesticide Registry shows 28 currently registered chlorpyrifos products, which go by names like Lorsban, Warhawk, and Demand. It also shows 83 incident reports (mostly from the US) that indicate many human poisoning incidents.

The good news is, Health Canada has “not found acceptable risks” associated with the chemical, and is proposing to ban its use in almost all cases

This is great news for protecting human health, pollinators and other insects, birds, wild mammals and aquatic life!

However, the proposed changes would still allow the chemical to be used in some cases like on industrial buildings, mosquito control (including on standing water), and on greenhouse ornamentals.

Making these exceptions means this dangerous chemical and the chemicals mixed with it when it is sold will continue be introduced into the environment.

Also by making exceptions, Health Canada will be allowing the continued sale and use of the product. When a chemical remains on market shelves, it is very difficult to enforce how it is actually used  - leaving the door open for misuse.

Please join with us in thanking Health Canada for listening to the science on chlorpyrifos and in calling for a complete ban on the sale of this product in Canada!

Thank you for taking action and and thank you for sending your letter below!

Dr. Ole Hendrickson

Sierra Club Canada Foundation Board of Directors

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