Federal Government Measures Welcome, Right Whales Remain At Risk from Drilling and Seismic

Not one right whale calf has been spotted this calving season. Let's fight for them.
Statement from Sierra Club

Sierra Club Canada applauds much-needed measures announced today to try and prevent collisions and entanglements with right whales. Federal Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans and Transport Canada announced measures to protect them today in Ottawa.

"At this point, every single whale is critical to the survival of this species," according to Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Program Director. "We need to be ready to protect them and their habitats to ensure remaining whales are safe and healthy. The funding announced for groups on the ground rescuing whales is also extremely good news. As we know, these groups are called upon around the clock to save animals. They need all the support that they can get."

"On the flip side, however, the lack of protection for whales from seismic blasting and oil drilling remains a significant threat. The federal government has done nothing to challenge licences to explore for oil and gas in right whale habitat in the Gulf of St. Lawrence," according to Fitzgerald. "Seismic blasting is proposed off southwest Nova Scotia and BP may start drilling this spring. Without addressing these gaps, the federal government's commitment to right whales' continued survival remains in question."


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Media Contact:

Gretchen Fitzgerald

National Program Director